Monday, January 14, 2013


Dear Miss Paige,
 I can not believe that you turned 4 months old on Sunday. How is that even possible? Aren't you supposed to still be a newborn?? You have been so much fun this month..I am of course absolutely loving every single second I am with you!

You haven't had your 4 month check up yet, you will go on Feb 1.  So I will not get your official stats until then but your Daddy and I weighed you yesterday and you are around 13 pounds and 9 ounces (give or take an ounce or two).  You seem to be averaging about a pound and a half a month.   Not sure how long you are though..sorry baby girl!  I am actually glad I have two more weeks before your check-up...I hate those shots!!

You are still wearing mostly 3 month clothes but you are starting to fit in some 6 months too.  UNREAL!  You have some super cute 6 months it will be lots of fun dressing you :)  You could probably still wear size 1 diapers but we ran out and have a lot of size 2 so we decided to try them out.  Still haven't had to buy diapers or wipes since you were born!! 

You just started eating 6 ounces.  I wrote that in your 3 month update but we had to cut back to 5.5 right after I wrote it.  So as of about a week ago you are eating 6 ounces every 3-4 hours.  Since you sleep late we have to feed you more often to make sure you are getting all your bottles in for the day.  I would say that is a good problem to have! You have started losing your hair too!  You used to have so much dark hair (which I figured would fall out).  This past month you have lost almost all of it.  Every morning I have to clean off your sheets because you lost so much at night...still a beauty though :)

We had an interesting month of sleeping to say the least.  We got rid of the Nap Nanny and you did not like sleeping on your back AT ALL.  We used the wedge and that helped a lot but you slid off it too bad.  So that lasted about two weeks and then we went without.  I blogged about this already but we had to do the cry it out method to get you to sleep.  It was tough on you and me!! It only took a couple nights and you were sleeping 10-12 hours a night...on your back!  Well that was until last week.  You just started waking up a whole lot during the night.  Not really sure why.  I would rock you back to sleep and you would sleep awhile and wake up again.  I had to stop that!  Back to the cry it out.  You slept from 930-1030 and woke up crying.  I went to check on were fine.  I rocked you and you slept about 15 minutes and cried again.  I let you cry and you did a few minutes and woke up again.  You cried a little while and finally asleep for good at 1030 until 730 this morning.  You were fine...I think you just wanted me or your Daddy to come cuddle with you.

You still take several naps during the day.  You are usually awake for most of the morning.  Really it depends on when you wake up.  If you wake up before 7, you usually eat and nap for about 30 minutes before school.  If you wake up after 7 you don't usually nap ALL morning..maybe a small one.  You typically sleep an hour or more in the early afternoon and then a small nap around 530 or 6.  We cant complain because you are usually one happy baby!!

You had a HUGE milestone this had your first day of school.  Wes laughs at me because I call it school and not day care.  In my eyes it isn't day care because this is set up more like school and only half a day.  You go to your Daddy's church from 830-12 every day.  I was so sad to take you there but I love it.  Mrs. Linda is so wonderful with you.  There are 3 other baby girls and one boy in your class.  There are always two teachers and sometimes three in there with you guys.  What a great set up.  They teach you bible verses and sing songs with you too.  We are lucky to be able to have this set up for you.  Then I rush to pick you up to see how school went.  The two of us spend my lunch break together (best part of my work day) but you are usually napping!  Then Gerri comes over to stay with you in the afternoon...unless it is Wednesday because you BB comes sometimes!  It will never be easy for me to know that I am not staying home with you but it helps to know you are loved by Mrs Linda, Gerri, BB and Mimi..whoever is keeping you that day.  (makes me fill a slight bit LESS guilty).

Now the fun updates.  You are such a happy baby.  You are so much fun lately...I am loving it!  You are smiling all the time and starting to laugh too.  I still can just watch you ALL day make my day sweet girl! You have figured out how to roll over from your tummy to your back and then your back to tummy...yay Miss P!  We will lay you down and within seconds, you are 5 feet from where you started.  Last night you were trying your hardest to get your knees up and crawl.  You scooted a little...your daddy said you were moving millimeter by millimeter :)  Your favorite things are your hands.  You found your thumb and loving sucking on that..or really anything you can fit in your both.  A couple days ago you realized you had feet.  You think that is the coolest thing ever...we even found your big toe in your mouth last night!

We can lay you on the play mat and you will be content for ever now.  You laid there for over an hour and half last night.  You were just a "talking" and playing.  Daddy had to tell you multiple times to quiet down..but I loved it!  We talk with each other a lot too.  We probably sound crazy but who cares right?!  Your other favorites are still your Nap Nanny for you short day naps, the bumboo seat and exersaucer.  Anything where you are sitting up! Who needs to lay down right??

You are still a big stretcher!  It is the cutest thing too!  Every time you lay down on your changing table you just stretch and stretch.  I hope that doesn't change....we love it!  You are loving your Daddy more and more too.  It took you awhile for some reason..I think it is because he has more to do with you now because you are more active.  You will stare at him for ever!  You have also started crying when I come home from work until I pick you up.  You were so happy with Gerri and Mimi and didn't realize I was home for a few minutes. You finally saw me and started crying.  Hate to admit it but I LOVED it.  I love that you know I'm your Mama and you missed me :)

You had a few firsts this month: A big one too...your first Christmas!! It was wonderful too.  First New Years!  First Clemson Bowl win, first time at church, noticing feet, sucking thumb, sleeping flat, first humidifier, sitting up (with help of course) and first time rolling over.

I still can not believe you are 4 months old.  What did I do before you??  My life is so much better because your Daddy and I get to share it with you.  You are so special to us and we cant wait to see what and how you change this month!  You get to help your Mama and Daddy turn 30 years old...scary!  Happy 4 months Miss P.  Love you more than you know!

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