Friday, January 4, 2013


Paige I survived the first week of school!  I have been dreading sending Paige to day care ever since Wes and I looked at our money and saw there was absolutely no way I could stay home with her.  The thought of day cares terrified me to no end.  I went and looked at them and just wasn't impressed with even the best in town.  There were SO many babies compared to adults.  So I decided to look at the church schools but they are only half a day.  I secured a spot for Miss P at a local church and would worry about the afternoons later on.

Well she couldn't begin school until January and Wednesday was her first day.  She goes from 830-12 and there are only THREE other babies (all girls) in her classroom with two, sometimes three, adults.  How awesome is that???  I pick her up at lunch and spend my lunch break with her and Gerri comes to our house to keep her in the afternoons.  Man are we lucky with this set option besides me keeping her!

Every day when I pick her up, her teacher tells me all about what see did.  She goes for rides in the cart, looks at books, watches the older kids sing, plays on her mat and other toys and finally took a nap today.  For some reason she hasn't napped until today...makes for one tired Miss P!

Wes asks everyday if she got a good report from her teachers...its pretty cute!  I am just glad I survived the first week...Wednesday was a tough one! :)

This was Miss P on the first day of school:

This was her today...worn out baby girl:

Even though we love her teachers and school...I sure am glad it is FRIDAY!

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