Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So I had a bit of a sad morning so when I realized it was Wednesday (first day back at work in a couple weeks and thought it was Monday) I figured I needed to do this post with some happy thoughts!
I'm Loving...that I got to spend New Year's Eve with my hubby and baby girl!  Wes was at a friends for a little while helping him do some things but came home and hung out with us.  Even though when the ball dropped I was the only one still awake...Wes sleeping in recliner, Paige sleeping in crib and Gracie sleeping on her was the perfect NYE!
I'm Clemson Tigers.  I mean I always love them win or lose but man did they play their hearts out against LSU!  What a BIG proud to be a Tiger!

I'm Loving... that I was off from work for about 2 weeks and got to spend every minute with this sweet girl!

I'm Loving...that Miss P has some sweet ladies taking care of her in the mornings now.  (This is why I was sad)  I dropped her off for her first day of "school".  She goes to a church "school" from 830-12 and there are only 3 other babies with her with two adults.  I know we are very lucky to have her go to a place like that and then family take care of her in the afternoons...BUT it still isn't me.  Maybe one day I will be able to grasp that it isn't me.  Why oh why cant we afford it :)  Oh well, to look at it positively...look at what her teacher sent me this morning
I'm Loving...that is a three day work week!  I do have an event on Saturday but Miss P is going with me to see her favorite Girl Scout it isn't really like work :)
Happy Wednesday!!