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How is it already Wednesday?? And is it possibly January 16th?  Wasn't it just Christmas like yesterday?  I swear time can slow down a little bit OK??

I'm Loving...that so many people are donating to Eric's family.  I don't think I have ever spoken about him on here but he is a guy in his early 30s that has been battling cancer for 11+ years.  He had 2 stem cell transplants and finally in remission but his body took a beating.  His body has been through so much because of his weakened immune system and been in and out of ICU since his transplant like 3 years ago.  He is extremely strong and keeps battling and surviving.  However this last episode he has had really took all he had.  He is now with Hospice House and all his close friends, family and amazing wife Cheyanne and with him for his final days.  His mother in law started this fundraiser last year and as of last week they have raised like $6,000...but they are so close to $10,000 now.  Eric is loved my so many and it is awesome that everyone is helping them out...I mean can you imagine the medical bills for 11 years??  All my thoughts and prayers have been with him and his family this week!

I'm Loving... my DVR (on a much lighter note!).  I am so busy lately that I never get to watch my shows when they come on.  I use my nightly pumping session (when Wes is asleep so I have the remote finally) to catch up on some shows.  I have SO many shows taped I don't know if I will catch up! haha

I'm Loving... that it is time for birthdays!  My wallet may not like it but oh well! My Dad's birthday is Friday, Wes's is the 23rd (and he is turning 30!), brother in law is Feb 7 and finally mine on the 9th!!  Even though we don't really do anything for anyones birthday, I just love having a day that is special for you only! :)

I'm Loving... Hylands teething gel!  Little Miss P decided on her 4 month birthday to have not one but TWO teeth appear.  They are some sharp little things too..poor baby.  No wonder she was fussy last week!  They are barely poking out...wonder how long before they are totally in??  

I'm Loving... that I forgot I had a gift card to Kohl's.  I got two of them for Christmas and spent the first one.  I really need some new black pants and blue jeans and I was cleaning out my purse Paige's diaper bag this morning and found the other one.  Made my morning :)  Can I just tell you how much I love Kohl's? I am still shocked my little hometown has one now!

I'm Loving...that Sweet Tea's had their HUGE end of season sale this week and I went yesterday for Paige and Audrey.  They each got two new outfits and I only spent $30!  I wanted to buy for next season but they didn't have anything I liked in 12 or 18 month.  Just had 6-9 month and then 3 years and older.  So she got something for this year.

Ive been eyeing this dress FOREVER
so rompers!
Audrey's new dress
Audrey's new romper

Paige has her eyes on the new spring clothes and really wants this dress by the way...
I'm Loving... my hubby and sweet girl of course.  She is growing so fast!!  It is hard to believe how fast really...she is "talking" so much...
Here are a few pictures of Miss P..couldn't do a whole post without her could I??
her cape!

how she likes to eat now...

passed out from playing so hard

our view of her lately!

My future tiger grad haha
 Hope you have a great Wednesday and don't forget to look at everyone else Wednesday over on Jamie's blog :)

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