Monday, January 14, 2013

This Weekend

As usual, this weekend flew by!  I swear it only lasted a couple hours, not a couple of days!!  Here is a recap of our great little weekend:
This weekend, I left work a little early (only like 30 minutes by the time I finished everything) since I had to work longer on Thursday.  I rushed home to see Miss P!  We hung out for a little while until Wes came home.  We did our normal Friday night take out and watched TV! 
This weekend, I bought Paige a humidifier in hopes that would help her sleep better...she had been waking up with a stuffy nose lately.   She slept 10 straight hours on Friday night.
This weekend, Paige and I had our play date with Heather and Audrey.  This time was at our house.  We cleaned the house and made taco soup before they got there.  When they arrived, we took a few pictures of course and let them hang out.  Then it was lunch time and we loaded up the girls and went to Sweet Tea's and Kohl's.  We had to hurry home because someone had a nasty diaper for her mama...not saying which child ;)  Then we just hung out at the house and did what we always shoots!! Here are some of my favorites!
Love Paige's reaction to Heather dancing!

In the dresses JoJo made them
Nap time

My favorite from the day!


holding hands!  We didn't even get them to do this pose...all on their own :)

   Not only are Heather and I lucky to have such sweet babies...we are so lucky they are only 2 weeks apart! So much fun :)
This weekend, I was rooting for Miss South Carolina.  She is from Laurens (right down the road from us) and is a Clemson student!  Cant get much better than she is gorgeous!  I told Wes I wanted to watch it and he didn't complain one time.  I had to put Paige to sleep once the pageant started so I figured I would just watch from 930 on.  Well, little did I know Wes was watching and was taking notes! (I wouldn't dare let him know that I wrote this on here...good thing he doesn't read it!).  I came back and he told me who the top 15 or however was.  He told me his top picks, who were the hottest and who were his least favorites.  I loved that he was taking notes...anyone who knows Wes would probably not believe me at all!  Then what tops it off, I was texting Jodi and they were watching with Dad.  So Dad and Wes were comparing notes and said the talent was a waste of time and that they needed a wet t-shirt contest.  Typical!

 I was kinda surprised she didn't win...nothing against Miss New York though!
This weekend, the three of us went to our farm and shot targets.  Wes got a new gun not too long ago and wanted me to try it out.  I am not any good but really like shooting targets.  I was better than I thought!  Yes Paige went with us but the two of them sat in the car while I shot the gun so it wouldn't be too loud.  Then we road around the farm thinking about where we would love to one day build. We just rode around in the country for a while (Paige needed a nap) and just enjoyed the wonderful spring weather we had!
This weekend, we just hung out around the house Sunday afternoon and evening...we had a few visitors, took Paige's 3 months pictures and just watched Miss P play on the floor..she so wants to crawl it is crazy!!!
We had another GREAT  weekend and I can not wait for another one in a few days :)


  1. Such cute pictures with the babies!! Sounds like a nice weekend. Stopping by from the link up :)

  2. I was totally rooting for Miss Washington (until she sung...!!) but loved SC and NY, so at least she did well in the competition!

    Thanks for linking up!