Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We're Alive!

Well the Bowling household was struck by the crud last week and we all survived...okay maybe I am being a bit dramatic but I am just glad it is this week and not last!
It started out not this past weekend but the last and Miss P was having a time with her new teeth she decided she needed at 4 months.  So she was up a couple times at night just hurting. Then come Sunday I believe and she was so very stuffy.  She could barely breathe at night even with the humidifier.  She was so congested that she was spitting up a whole lot since she couldn't eat like she wanted.  So the doctor told us to make sure she slept elevated so it would help her to be less congested.  So the next few days were filled with these items:
I had the one from the hospital and it was amazing compared to ones you can buy...you must take one when you are in the hospital!

These helped out so very much.  Paige hated getting them but they work!!
Works in seconds for those mean teeth!
 We finally were able to see her doctor on Tuesday (they try to fix small problems over the phone since the flu is so bad).  She said she was congested horribly...duh I could have told you that! Anyways, they put her on an antibiotic and she started feeling better the next day...and sleeping again!  We had nights we were slept only an hour (not all at one time).  After about 5 nights like that, she finally slept 10 hours!

Then I decided it was my turn to get sick!  I wasn't as congested as Paige was but my throat hurt so bad and my ears!  Then I felt even worse for Paige because I was just hoping her throat and ears didn't hurt that bad...poor baby!  So then I wasn't sleeping well because I couldn't breath.  Since my ears hurt so bad and I didn't want Paige to get sick again...I called my doctor. I never go to the doctor for a cold!  She looked at my throat and thought I either had Mono or strep...oh joy!! Thankfully I didn't have either and I was put on an antibiotic (the same one Paige has).  I was feeling better the next morning!

Wes was keeping his distance I think.  He had a sore throat but that was about it...hopefully he will stay healthy, especially since we got Gerri and my mom sick too! Sorry guys!

So that was our week last week and really our weekend!  Not much else to share really..sad I know!  I am just glad we made it until Paige was 4 1/2 months old before she had her first cold!  Hopefully it will be a long time before round two comes!

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  1. Glad y'all are all feeling better! My grandmother always call the nose thing the brain sucker! For some reason that made everything better! Go figure! lol