Monday, February 4, 2013


It is officially my birthday week!! I absolutely love birthdays...Wes does not!  He doesn't understand why I get so excited for birthdays, whether it is mine or someone else.  I just love that there is a day just for you!  He just says why really only have one birthday, the day you were born.!

Saturday I will be turning....this is hard to say...30 YEARS OLD!! The only thing making it easier to turn 30 is that Wes turned 30 a couple days he will always be a little older than me!  Oh, you know what he says about turning 30...we are a third of the way dead.  Isn't that awful! On a brighter note...I get to spend my birthday in Greenville with my mom and Miss Paige and of course the rest of the day with Wesley.  Sounds good to me!

OK..enough about birthdays and more about my weekend recap...

Rice Cereal!
This weekend went by way too fast, like it always does!  Friday morning Miss P had the dreaded shots!!  We had her 4 month check up (about 2 weeks late!) She weighed 14 pounds 8 ounces (53%), 24 1/2 inches long (41%) and head measured 16 1/2 (62%)..healthy baby girl!   We were told that we could start rice cereal too...and in a month we can start some veggies!  She did pretty good with the shots...cried some but then was all smiles.  Mommy learned from the last visit..I gave her Tylenol before the shots to help fight off fevers and it worked!! No fevers this time.  But she did have an upset tummy Friday night but nothing major.

Friday night, I went to pick up some take out and movies.  I didn't like either movie I let down but the Japanese food was yummy! Then we dealt with the upset tummy which led to another bath for Miss P and finally got her to bed!  Wes worked Saturday morning and then went to a gun show in Greenville with Parker Saturday afternoon so that meant I had Paige all to myself!  We were pretty lazy that morning..not going to lie!  Come to think of it we never got out of pjs all day! It was wonderful!!

We watched the second movie Saturday night, another big FAIL! Then fought with P for bedtime.  Since she was sick, we had her elevated at night and it was time to sleep normal again and she was not having it.  Had to let her cry it out again, but we are good now!

Sunday we just hung around the house that morning, Wes made pancakes...even Gracie got to share some with us!  Then we loaded up everything for our typical Sunday afternoon.  We went out to our farm and went target practicing.  Yes, Paige went too.  She hung out in the car with whoever wasn't shooting.  She had a ball..we took lots of toys to keep her entertained.  I have to tell you..I'm getting pretty good with the shot gun!

We ran out of bullets and then just road was nice!  We got back in town and our friend Jonathan came over for a little while.  We cooked dinner (Wes cooked) and watched the super bowl.  I could have cared less who won really.  At first I wanted the Ravens to win but then I remembered on  "Kelly and Michael" that if the Ravens lost then Kelly had to eat chicken wings (she is terrified) so I started pulling for the 49ers.  Oh well!  Destiny's Child comeback was the highlight of the game for me!

Not going to lie...I was more entertained with Paige then I was the game..shocker I know!  It was a great and relaxing weekend...last weekend in my 20s! Even though this picture was taken today, I just had to share this cuteness!
Happy Monday!! :)

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  1. I always remember your birthday and wes's. Is that weird? You and Jack share a same Birthday but he will be 6! Wes's is the day after mine right? Jan 23rd? It's a weird thing...Happy Early Birthday! I'm sure I'll be blowing up your facebook on Saturday! Don't be worried about 30! 30 is the new 20 and you have that beautiful baby girl to enjoy this amazing birthday with!!