Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ABC's of Me

Saw this on Joyful Rambling's blog  today, so I thought I'd do it as well!
I thought it would be fun to do while Miss P is napping and Wes is over at Parker's

Age - 30!

Bed size - Queen.  We really need a King size bed..I mean Wes is 6 ft 6!  In order to get a King size we need a bigger bedroom...so that will have to wait!

Chore you hate - I think I hate cleaning toilets the most.  No, I hate folding laundry.  No, I hate changing sheets on the bed.

Dogs - My sweet Gracie.  Hard to believe that she is already 7 years old!
Essential start to your day - Sweet Tea...that is my coffee!

Favorite color - I really don't have a favorite color...it changes all the time.  I love pink, orange, yellow...

Gold or silver - I love silver or white gold.  But I did just purchase a pretty new rose gold watch that I love!

Height - 5 feet 6 inches.  I think I shrunk.  I swear I used to be taller than that.  Maybe I wasn't standing correctly at the doctor the other day ;)

Instruments you play - None at all!

Job title - Community Development Manager for the Girl Scouts

Kids - Sweet baby Paige (almost 5 months old)

Live - South Carolina born and raised! Love it here

Married - to Wesley!  Going on 4 years!
Nicknames - Jambo, James, J, and Wes calls me random things all the time he doesn't have just one name for me

Overnight hospital stays -only time was when I had Paige

Pet peeve - Oh my goodness I have several but my mind is going blank right now.  I hate when people don't use their blinkers!  Texting or playing on phone when trying to talk to someone (I use my phone so much but try not to do that)

Righty or lefty - righty! 

Siblings - One older sister!
Time you wake up - I have my alarm set for 7:15 and love when it actually wakes me up instead of being woken up extra early by my other alarm clock, Miss Paige.

University attended - CLEMSON!

Vegetables you dislike -I have started to love veggies..I guess I will go with brussel sprouts but I don't think I have ever tried them.

What makes you run late -  I am always the one that is somewhere early waiting on everyone else.  I hate waiting on people too...that's a pet peeve of mine!!

X-rays you’ve had - I guess just dental ones!  Thank goodness!

Yummy food - Oh man..there are so many yummy foods.  I love salads, hamburger, chicken, pasta are my favorites

Zoo animal favorite - the monkeys are my favorite...I love watching them swing from tree to tree.  And of course the tigers are beautiful!

There are a few things you probably could have gone without knowing but oh well :)

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