Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Weeknd

This weekend I had a low key evening at home on Friday.  Mimi (Wes's mom) was out of school so she kept Paige that day.  So after work I went to pick her up and we just hung out there for a little while.  She gave me leftover lasagna so that is what Wes and I had for supper.  We never do much on Friday nights and that is just fine by me!!

This weekend I really had a hard time wondering how people can end their life so early.  There were two suicides in my hometown this week alone!  It seems like there are so many of those these days and it breaks my heart.  One was a retired teacher in his fifties and the other was an old classmate of mine...only 30 years old.  I have known Preston my entire life but I knew he had been having problems since High School.  He has been battling depression for 13 years and he had just had enough.  I couldn't imagine losing someone like that and just wishing you could have helped them, even though I know this family did everything they could to help him with his depression.  They have set up a foundation Pres+on in hopes to raise money for people battling depression.  Sorry for the sad part, but I spent a lot of time thinking of this family and Preston this weekend!

This weekend I took Paige to her first wedding.  A close friend, Sarah, got married at 1 on Saturday.  It was a small and VERY sweet ceremony.  You could just feel the love they have for each other.  I was very nervous to take Paige but we sat in the back just in case she started getting antsy.  Not to brag...well yes I have to brag!  She sat there the entire time, cheesing at everyone walking down the aisle!  She was a hit!  I think the photographer took as many pictures of Paige as she did the bride!  Then we headed to reception and was great there as well!  She was just playing in her high chair.  We were there for a little over 2 hours total and I couldn't have been more proud of my sweet girl!

This weekend I just hung out at the house Saturday night with Paige.  We picked up dinner and a movie while Wes was in Columbia with Parker and Jonathan.  I rented Magic Mike...Ive been wanting to watch that movie for some time.  It was interesting to say the least :)

This weekend I packed up Miss Paige for our weekly trip to the farm.  Wes wanted to see how much rain we got out there and then that led to him getting my car so very dirty from all the mud! :)  We did target practice again..I am addicted!  Then fed Paige and loaded up for a ride.

This weekend we were trying to figure out what we wanted for lunch and since we were in Edgefield, we decided to go to Augusta.  First we went to Academy Sports to walk around there and look what Daddy bought Paige...her first pair of sunglasses!  We put them on her in the store and she freaked out!  So we put them on again when we were about to walk outside and she loved them.  She wore them for like an hour when we were riding around Augusta!  We were going to go to Olive Garden but it was a long wait so we went to our other favorite place...Hooters.  I know its a strange place for a female to like but the food is really good.  Hint for the guys who want attention for a Hooters waitress..take a baby!! We had them all huddled around our table!

This weekend we decided it was time to go home.  So we loaded back up.  Stopped back at the farm to feed Paige and then stopped by Mema's for a short visit.  She was so excited to see Paige..and BB stopped by too!  After our visit we went home to relax and Mimi called and wanted to visit.  They really just wanted to show off their new puppy Pete!  They got a standard poodle that is about 17 weeks old...too cute!

We had another great weekend!  I was looking at our calendar and we have a lot of great weekends coming up!! So excited about all of our great family time...love it!

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