Thursday, February 7, 2013

Consignment Sales

If anyone knows me, they know that I am a pretty cheap person and hate to spend money.  Especially now since we have SO many bills and I feel like we will never get caught up.  I had a hard time justifying spending money at the consignment sale.  But then I just told myself that if I were to go shopping in the fall for these clothes I would be spending three times what I spent.  I love buying Miss P clothes.  She has a lot of clothes and a lot of nice clothes, most came from showers, but the ones I have bought are all end of the season sales.  She will never know that her cute smocked outfit was super cheap because it was from last season :)

Anyways, I figured I would share with you, and for me really because I mainly blog so I can go back later and reminisce :)  

Here are the good deals I found yesterday:

I am in love with those overalls!

Everything I bought was for summer or next fall/winter except this cute orange polka dot onsie.  It is for now but could I pass that one up?!
I am so proud of my purchases and the amount of money I spent! I love saving money!  Paige will be set until next spring before you know it and I didn't have to spend a fortune either! Woohoo.  

There are two more large consignments sales in town.  One is next week and the other is March.  I may go next week just to look but I wont have any money to spend.  I just liked going to look...its like a game to me! If anyone wants to go buy Paige something, I will let you know the dates and locations of the sale ;) Just kidding! 

These are some recent Facebook purchases..again so cheap I couldn't pass it up!
No more shopping for a while for Miss P!

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