Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A day in our life!

I always enjoy reading when other mom's in blogland write about a typical day in their household.  Since I mainly blog for myself so I can look back and remember all the fun days with Miss Paige, I thought...why not lets write about a typical day in our lives....

The worst sound of all, my alarm clock goes off at 7:10 AM.  I know it could be a lot earlier so not complaining about the time, just the fact that it goes off and it means I have to go to work!  I wake up, get my morning coffee sweet tea, make toast and of course my pump and cuddle up on my couch.  I usually watch whatever I DVRed the night before...most likely a Bravo show, while I eat breakfast and pump.  On a good day, I can finish pumping and eating before little Miss P wakes up (not the case this week but usually is).  If she is still sleeping I jump in the shower really fast.  (If I need to wash my hair, I shower at night instead)

Then I hear the best sound ever...little cooing and singing coming through the monitor.  Around 8AM at the latest, Paige wakes up and we snuggle up for her morning bottle.  Once she is finished I get her dressed for school and if she is wearing a new outfit, I have to take a picture!
Then we are off to school.  We go into her classroom and chat with Mrs Linda for a couple minutes.  Mrs Linda hugs and kisses on P and tells her how pretty and sweet she is and then its my turn for hugs and kisses and she is excited to go play with her friends and Mrs Linda.  Mrs Linda always says love you Mama and Ill miss you for Paige.  Then I rush down the street to my office.  

I work until 12, well usually 11:50 so I can pick Paige up at 12.  I walk in and see my baby girl.  I hate I have to work but I have the best schedule being able to get her at lunch!  We go home and I eat lunch, feed Paige if she didn't finish her bottle at school, it changes everyday!  Paige plays on the floor or sits beside my while I pump for her next bottle.  Around 12:45 Gerri or my mom, who ever is keeping Paige that afternoon, shows up at the house. We chat a minute then it is time for me to leave again.

Paige plays, takes a long nap and eats real food while I am gone and then I rush home after work.  I do a lot of rushing when I know I am on my way to see Paige...have you noticed?

So around 5:30, Mom or Gerri have left and it is just me and Paige.  She is usually getting her 3rd bottle of the day and then I pump again for her night bottle and usually watch DVR until Wes gets home and takes over the remote.  Wes gets home around 6-630 on a good night.  Lately he is the one in charge of supper, since I am feeding and pumping until he gets home.  

Daddy is in the kitchen getting supper ready (I love that sentence) while Paige and I are playing on the floor!  He would much rather me entertain her and he cook anyways.  Then we eat dinner and clean kitchen.  Around 7 or 730 Paige is ready for some more real food, either carrots, green beans or sweet potatoes.  She loves them normally.  After she eats, she either gets a bath or cleaned up and gets on her pjs and we play until 830ish.  Then she is getting sleepy and we cuddle up for a few and then she gets her last bottle anytime between 830-9.

Daddy fixes the bottle, fills up the humidifier while I get her ready for bed.  He brings me the bottle and I feed her in her glider in her room.  We rock and favorite part of the day.  I tell her who all loves her, how thankful we are for her, what our plans are for the next day and we end with out nightly prayers.  Then once she finishes her bottle, within a minute she is asleep, but I like to rock her for 10 minutes or so before I put her in her crib.

Then guess what, it is time to pump again (I really don't mind it normally, but when I write it out like this, it seems to take up a lot of time).  Wes is usually snoozing in the recliner by this time.  Sometimes he is awake, but usually not.  So if is he is napping...I still the remote!  Once I am finished, I clean up and wake Wes up to go to bed.  We are both usually in bed by 10 at the latest and asleep in no time!

That is a typical weekday for us...weekends you can get an idea by my weekend updates!

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  1. I like her expression in the picture of her sitting on the floor playing :)