Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Weekend


 What a cold Monday.  Mondays are already hard enough already...why does it have to be so cold at the end of March?? Ugh! Ready for warm weather!!  Anyways, we had a pretty good weekend.  Friday night Wes went to the grocery store (we still have separate accounts for some reason and since we had Paige he is in charge of buying groceries.  He doesn't have to do the shopping but he pays for it...kinda nice!)  and brought home a feast for dinner.  You will see that he only can buy for one meal at a time...  He made pork tenderloin, carrots, homemade mashed potatoes (I made those) and broccoli.  It was so yummy and I didn't have to buy it, cook, or clean!  He also helped me make my cake pops for Easter play date. I was just in charge of keeping Paige entertained...and he thinks he had the easier job!
We just hung out around the house the rest of the night.  Then Saturday we finished cleaning the house and waited for Heather and Audrey.  Look at how cute messy my cake pops turned out...Wes was in charge of the I can blame him on that right? Just kidding. 
 I had some spare time that morning so I organized her bows.  Every night while I am rocking Paige to sleep I think about doing this and I finally did.
A little side note...Paige has really started relaxing during and after her bottles...

Back to my weekend.  Heather and Audrey got here and we decided to go to Chili's for lunch.  I had a gift card so it was basically a free lunch.

Of course Paige isn't as calm as sweet Audrey so she insisted on getting out of her car seat and then proceed to stare at Audrey!

After lunch we went to our favorite store Sweet Teas and then back home.  We of course took some Easter pictures. I had some props and was hoping to take the pictures in pretty green grass outside but was cold and raining so we were on the bed..  

Right before it was time for Audrey and Heather to head back home, Heather had a great idea...take the girls to the mall for a picture with the Easter Bunny.  We ordered two 4x6 pictures and they are supposed to give us the same picture but they decided to let us have two different ones.  One was better of Audrey and one was better of Paige. How sweet :)
Wes and Jonathan were off playing all day and they came home soon after that.  We had leftovers from the last two nights for dinner and watched a movie.  It was the latest James Bond movie..I'm not a big fan so I mainly played with Paige.  They liked it though.

Sunday we all slept in.  Wes and I woke up at 8!  That hasn't happened in forever and Paige woke up like 10 minutes later.  It was nice.  Wes went to the grocery store again..see he cant buy for a week at a time for some reason.  He bought some things for lunch and things Paige needed. Then he went out to the farm.  Normally Paige and I go, but I didn't want Paige out in the cold weather.  So we had a pj day!  Mrs Thurston came to visit a while and then Paige had a THREE hour nap!  Wow! 

It was so awesome to just lay around all day...I think we both needed it!  Then Wesley showed up with more groceries...see, he really needs to make a list and stock up!  He cooked supper again and actually bought food for the week...maybe he is learning!
We ended our nice little weekend with another movie which I really enjoyed, Trouble with Curve.  If you haven't seen it, you should watch it.  To top it all off, Paige slept 12 hours last night.  I mean, she is always a good sleeper and napper but really good this weekend!

Hope you had a great weekend too!  Happy Monday :)

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