Monday, March 11, 2013

Cuteness Overload

Monday, Monday, come way too fast for me!  I hate that the weekends are so short! Since they are so short, I have to make the most of it every weekend!  

Friday night, Wes and I just relaxed and watched a movie at home.  We watched Zodiac, I really liked it!  I love movies based on real life events! Paige and I had to rest up to be ready for our big day on Saturday!!

Saturday, Paige and I loaded up and headed to Heather and Audrey's house for our monthly play date!  I look so forward to those!  We always have a great time and take WAY too many pictures.  We got there around 10 and just hung out around the house and fed the babies and then headed to the Esso!  I love the Esso so much.  Downtown Clemson was having "It Ain't St Patty's Day" bar hop for the students since they will be on Spring Break next week.  It brought back so many memories for us!  But my how things have changed..we aren't the college students anymore... 

We have a bar!  Heather said while we were walking downtown that if this was last year and we saw all these college kids having so much fun, she would have been sad.  But this year is the first year neither of us were sad we were not those college kids happy where we are in life!
After lunch, we headed to see Aunt Jojo at work and we finally got to meet her friend Shraddra (I really hope I spelled your name right!)...

Then we took the girls to Bowman field for the first photo shoot of the day!  Yes this will be picture overload but they are just so cute! (We took like 100 times more than what I am posting)
We loaded up the girls and decided to head home, but then took a detour and stopped by the park so the girls could swing!  Audrey has been before but this was Paige's first time! So much fun...time for photo shoot number 2!

I mean..aren't these two girls just adorable?!  Again, we took like 100 pictures here!  After a few minutes swinging, we went home to feed the girls again before Paige and I had to head back home.  But wait...we had to do our St. Patty's Day themed photo shoot...

  I don't even want to say how many pictures we took that day.  You have to take 10 to get one cute one..that's my reasoning :)

Saturday was a perfect day with the girls..cant wait for our Easter themed play date at our house on the 23rd!

When we got home, we had a lazy evening with Wesley.  

Sunday we woke up and it took several hours for Wes to not be confused about what time it was!  I had already changed all the clocks but he didn't think I did so it was funny!  

He had to go fix something for a client of his first thing and Paige and I made sure to be ready to go when he got home...we didn't know where we were going but we always go somewhere on Sundays!  I was looking through spring clothes since the weather was AMAZING and tried a 9 month outfit on Paige and good thing I runs small! 
She wore this around the house until it was time to get ready....I think she likes it!  I wish I took a picture of the outfit she wore was a super cute romper.  Ill be sure to get a picture of her in it next time she wears it for sure!
Wes got home and we loaded up for a ride.  Wasn't sure where we were going but we took a scenic route to Columbia to go to Sportsman's Warehouse.  We also went out for lunch.  We walked around the store forever but Paige was having a blast in her stroller.  I love sports much too look at.  Then we headed home a super long way!  We ended up going through Ridge Spring Monetta and stopped by our farm to let Paige play for awhile.  We walked around the farm for a while then laid out a blanket and she was so happy.  She rolled for a while but then insisted on sitting up (she is a pro at that since our photo shoot on Saturday).  We stayed out there for a while...just enjoying the warm afternoon!  

Let me tell you what happened when we got home.  I was feeding Paige and Wes was unloading and loading dishwasher, washing bottles, sweeping, moping, cleaning counter tops in the kitchen!! I didn't want to move because I thought he would stop cleaning.  I'm a lucky girl!

Well, that was our weekend!  I loved every second and wish it was still going on!
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  1. sooo stinking cute! i love the bow and the st. patty's theme!
    Helene in Between

  2. Paige is SO cute! I am stopping by from the Monday Mingle!

  3. Stopping by from Mingle Monday...LOVE all the pictures! Paige is adorable. My sweet baby just turned 16 months old not too long ago! I love motherhood and it looks like you do too!! Happy Monday.