Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Another weekend has come and gone already!  Wes and I were on the couch watching tv last night and I looked at him and said something is it already Sunday night again.  I feel like it is every other night, time is going by way too fast.  I know I saw this all the time but I have never known it to go by this fast.  Unreal!
Anyways, we had another great weekend!  The weather was PERFECT Friday, so Paige and I spend some of the afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine. 
Jodi came to visit for a little while until Wes got home and then we headed out on the town.  Ok we really just went to Lowe's, Capri's, and Food Lion, but that is the first Friday night in a while we left the house!  Look at Miss P all grown up shopping....
Then we went home and Wes made more baby food...I really think he is obsessed.  He made more carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes!  Saturday morning Wes had to work so Paige and I hung around the house and packed for our first night away!  I haven't been anywhere overnight since the hospital when Paige was born (6 months ago!) and before that it was April!  I needed to get away.  So after lunch we loaded up and went to my parent's mountain house.  The weather was perfect and we had a great time.  We mainly just laid around watching and playing with Miss P.  We road around on the Kubota, walked to the rock (top of mountain) and just relaxed.  So nice.  Of course I have some pictures from the weekend to share!

The house from the top of mountain..or the compound as Dad calls it

Me and my girl!

Signs from our home in Greenwood...Yes I grew up on an ostrich and emu farm!

Not so sure about this!

playing with her BB

Quick nap on the Kubota


 We had a great weekend and can't wait to go back again!  I was worried how Paige would do sleeping in a new place...but she slept all night. She didn't sleep at all Saturday during the day, missed a 2 hour nap! She didn't want to miss a thing!!

We came back to Greenwood mid afternoon on Sunday.  Wes finished making baby food, I washed clothes and unpacked and Paige was set up ready to play.
We also had a messy dinner last night too.  Paige wanted green beans for St Patty's day and she also wanted the spoon apparently.  I didn't realize she was reaching for it and we had an accident...
Well, that was our eventful weekend!! There will be another photo overload next Monday because Paige and Audrey have a play date again this Saturday!! Yay :)

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