Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Half a Year!!

Dear Miss Paige,
My sweet Miss are officially half a year old.  There is no way you can be that old is there?  I just don't like that time is going by so fast.  I wish we could slow down time just a little bit so that you can stay a baby for longer!  Oh well, that's not going to happen!  Isn't that picture above the cutest thing ever?  Your two bottom teeth came in at 4 months but this is the first picture of you showing them off...I could just eat you up!!

You go back to the doctor in a couple weeks for your 6 month check up so I am not sure your exact measurements but if I had to guess you are close to 16 pounds?  You are short and skinny right now. I really hope you get your Daddy's metabolism...just not all of his height!  

 You can still fit in a few 3 month onsies but not pants. You are mostly in 6 months clothes but some 9 month clothes that run small fit you as well.  You have such a cute wardrobe..I love it!  It is almost time to move to 9 month sleepers so your feet will have more room.  You wear size 2 diapers and probably will be in that size for a little while longer. 

A couple weeks ago I decided to change your bottle schedule all up!  Since we added food you just had a hard time drinking 5 bottles a day.  I still wanted you to have the same amount of milk but we cut out one bottle a day and added to each bottle.  Now you eat 7.5 ounces 4 times a day.  Most of it is breast milk, I would say 75% is breast milk and the rest is formula.  Not going to sure is nice to pump one less time each day! You are such a good eater too! You absolutely love carrots!  They are your favorite.  You also like squash and sweet potatoes.  You did not like green beans at first but after a few tries you seemed to enjoy them more.  You eat food twice a day, the first time around 3pm and the second time around 7pm.   You are so much fun to make a big mess and love it!  In a couple more weeks I will introduce some fruits to you!  

You are usually a great sleeper!  You get your last bottle around 9pm and we rock for a little while and usually asleep and in bed by 9:30.  The other night it was almost 11 before you feel asleep...I was exhausted and you wanted to play!  I finally won that one and you went to sleep.  You usually have a short 30-45 minute nap at school and then a 2 hour nap late afternoon.  I like for you to have your last nap and wake up around 6 so you can stay awake until 9.  Sometimes you have a power nap around 7-730, but that depends on how long your afternoon nap lasted.  Just about all month you have been battling a runny nose.  No colds or anything just a constant runny nose...yuck.  At least you aren't sick!  You really really hate to have your face wiped off.  Its a battle for us!

You have a nickname at school..Miss Content! I love it!  It makes me so proud when I pick you up and Mrs Linda just praises you!  She always tells me that you were so happy and never fussy...unless you are getting your face wiped off of course.  She said you are the most content baby in the class...woohoo go Miss P!
You still just have the two front teeth and I am thankful.  I am glad we had a month off from teething to be honest! You had a HUGE milestone this month...sitting up!  You have always loved being propped up so you can sit but now you can sit up without being propped up.  You mastered it this past weekend when we went to visit Audrey.  Now that is all you want to do!  When you lay down you still like to roll around the entire are quite mobile to not be walking or crawling :)

You are quite the little talker too.  I am not sure if you are ever quiet for more than 2 minutes at a time.  You are constantly either singing in your high pitch tone, blowing bubbles and making funny noises with your lips, sticking your tongue out, or either talking up a storm.  You are pretty entertaining but sometimes pretty loud too! 

You are the happiest baby!  You are smiling all the time.  Every morning when we walk into school you just smile and at all the Mamas and Daddys as we pass them and they end up laughing at you.  Daddy is having so much fun with you lately too.  He loves that you can actually play now and he gets on the floor and plays with you.  I love watching to two of you!  Usually the only time you cry is if you are getting sleepy or either cleaning your face!  Oh, you love bath time now.  You can sit in your little tub and we have some toys for you and you just love splashing the water.  You even like when I put water on your head and it goes on your face.  You just laugh and laugh.  Bath time usually takes about 15 minutes now but that's okay!  You still love playing on your play mat and rolling around but not as much now that you want to sit up.  You love her exersaucer thing and your jumper.  You still haven't learned to jump but you love swinging in it.  You LOVE to swing and I love watching you swing with that huge grin on your face!  You favorite thing to play with lately are these balls that go with a game that Gerri bought are obsessed!

It is hard for me to pick out my favorite thing you do lately but I think it is your singing and talking.  You are constantly doing that and I love it.  Every time you are on that changing table you get going.  It is really high pitched and can be heard across the house...but it means you are happy!  You are never quiet.  I have the best time playing with you...or just cuddling with your during nap time!  Here is a cute video of it!

Sorry for all the videos but you just do so much these days that I want to document it!  It will be fun to look back down the road and see those!  You are so close to crawling.  You get your legs and arms in the right position and rock back and forth but then lay back down.  Wont be long now baby girl!

You had another play date with your best friend Audrey.  The monthly play dates will be entertaining for sure here on out.  I love seeing y'all interact with each other.  You also got to see your Aunt JoJo this month!

 All of your firsts: sitting up, eating carrots/green beans/squash/sweet potatoes, belly laughing, smiling showing your teeth, attending a wedding, playing in the bath tub, swinging, sitting in stroller without car seat, and first Valentine's Day!

I know I say this on all of your monthly updates...but how are you 6 months old?!?! I am in shock of how fast my baby is growing up.  I love that you are growing up so well and healthy but this fast?? I am loving every second that's for sure!! I just want to spend every minute with you so I don't miss out on anything but we are so lucky that you have a great school with only 4 babies in the class.  We are lucky BB keeps you one day a week and Gerri keeps you the rest while you Mama works.  Like I tell you every night while we rock before bedtime, you have so many people that love you sweet girl.  Your Daddy and I love you so much and I am actually quite obsessed with you!  You are our world and we look so forward to seeing what new things you do this next month.  We love you and are so thankful for you Miss P!!

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