Friday, March 22, 2013

Faith, Family and Ducks

I am absolutely obsessed with Duck Dynasty, as most of America is as well.   I have always loved big families and love family get togethers so I love that there is finally a family based reality show that isn't all about fame and money like the Kardashians!  The Robertson's are just normal (ok normal might not be the best word) down to earth people who love God, their family and just life in general.

I love all the people on the show.  I have told Wes numerous times that I want to be Miss Kay when I grow up.
She is just too cute!! I also told Wes a million times about my crush on Jase...I mean he is just the best!  Jase is open about his faith, loves his wife and always likes to have a good time!
Then there is Si...oh Si.  What a character you are!!  He is the uncle everyone wishes they had.  I could watch him forever!! Wes and I talk about Si all the time.  And then he reminded me, he has an Uncle Si called Faulkner!  I really cant even pick out my favorite Si moment because there are so very many. 
 Jodi sent me this link yesterday about things everyone needs to know about this show, which prompted me to write about them today.  I love this show for the following reasons:
1.  They talk about their faith! No I don't go to church all the time but that doesn't mean my faith isn't important to me.  I love that they are open about it.  Faith, Family and Ducks!  The only thing that bothered me on that link was that they edit out a lot of the faith scenes because the producers were uncomfortable.  Shouldn't there be more of that on tv and less violence?

2. They show guns in a positive way.  They aren't shooting people or threatening people.  They hunt!  I'm sure they all were taught at a young age the responsibilities of owning a gun.  

3. Phil.  He is the quiet one in the group but when he does speak up, you listen.  He is the head of the family and everyone respects him.  That's another thing you don't see much anymore...respect!

4.  They don't show off their money.  Yes Willie and Korie live in a massive house, but they have to put their money somewhere. Cant hold on to too much money or Uncle Sam will take it.  Love their house by the way.  They buy what they want I'm sure but the show isn't about that.  Now, I am obsessed with all the Real Housewives shows but it is nice to see a show not flaunting all their fancy things!

5.  It is just funny!! I am not one to just laugh out loud when watching tv but I can not help it with this show.  I mean did you watch the other night when Si was on the small carousel or when he was dressed in the white tuxedo?  How Miss Kay treats Jep, when Mountain Man talks, or really anytime Jase is being interviewed...funny stuff!

I wasn't expecting to write about this today but its been on my mind for a little while and wanted to share my thoughts on this wonderful family!

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