Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Paige and Audrey go to the ZOO!

Heather and I have been trying to plan a May play date forever and it was never working out.  Then we decided I would take a day off work (really had to twist my arm) and we would take the girls to the zoo.  Yesterday was that was wonderful.

We met at the zoo at 10:00 once it opened and we decided to walk the opposite way of everyone else.  So we went to see the chickens, ducks and pigs first.  I think this was the favorite stop for both girls since we could get really close to the animals.  The large animals were all behind glass or just too far away to keep their attention.

Our next stop was the alligators and cute are these two girls?!
Of course we thought this would be a good idea....
Finally we got to see the giraffes!
See there are animals there....not just Paige and Audrey
Back to P and A...
Yummy snack time...apparently Paige is a little pig compared to Audrey!
What a great trip to the zoo!

After the zoo trip, we had to go get our favorite salad in Greenville!  Then we stopped by Buy Buy Baby to get a couple things.  Both girls needed a new diaper, so we were heading to the bathroom and we saw a sign that said changing tables are located in the feeding room.  So we looked down the hall and saw a wonderful room!  There was a very nice changing station, two gliders, humidifier, bottle felt like home! haha 

Not going to lie...we really took our time here...
Then it was time to say bye!  It was a great play date but Miss Paige was worn out!  She missed her long afternoon nap and was ready for a car ride home!  Paige can not wait to see Audrey at our next play date.  Heather and I already have themes for the next few months...what a surprise!

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