Wednesday, June 19, 2013

These Boots Were Made for Walking

She may not be wearing boots, but my girl learned how to walk!  Well, not on her own yet but she pulled herself up to her toy and started pushing it and she was walking without a beat!!  How is it that my just turned 9 month old can do this already?? I was just fine in her being a little slower in this department and maybe learning to walk a few months down the road...but not Miss Paige!

Paige and I were just playing on the floor on Monday evening and she just started walking.  I looked at Wes and was like...are you seeing this??  I of course pulled out my phone (real video camera was in the other room and didn't want to miss this!) and took a few videos.  Wes said she looked like an old lady and her walker.  My parents said she looked my Nanny from behind with her walker and little chubby legs.  Tuesday morning, I wanted to see if it was just a fluke or not...well it wasn't! Please ignore Gretchen from Real Housewives of OC talking in the background...
I have several shoes for Paige in size 3 thinking that would be her size when she started walking..oh no ma'am.  I had to go buy her a new pair of shoes so she can learn to walk in them.  Let me tell you...she did not agree with wearing them.   She kept looking at them and pointing!  She wanted them off..I don't blame her, I like going barefoot as well.  But she does look pretty cute in her little size 2 Salt Sun Sandals! 
I promise I did have her dressed.  She learned that her shirt had a snap in the back and if she pulls it, it comes off and somehow she got her foot out of her sandal too...this may take some getting used to!

This is completely off the topic but while Wes and I were taking a million videos of her walking, we had some music playing and Paige started have to watch the video but it gets a little slow in the middle but just wait until the love!
So proud that my little girl learned to walk while holding will not be long before she is taking off on her own!  Slow down baby girl!
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