Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Weekend

As usual, it is Monday and I am day-dreaming about the weekend!  On Friday, we went over to Mimi's house to see Gee (Wes's grandma was in town from Texas for a few weeks).  We haven't seen Gee since Christmas and she was excited about seeing Paige.  We had dinner with them and then headed home to get ready for our trip to the mountains.  We made baby food, packed the entire house it felt like, and relaxed.

On Saturday we woke up and loaded the car, Wes cooked breakfast, I fed Paige bottle and then oatmeal and apples, and showered and got ready and out the door by 830...and I didn't wake up until 7:15.  I was very pleased and we weren't rushing around at all either.   Of course I never have gas so we had to make one stop on the way and then we were finally on our way to the mountain house. 

Every year my parents have the Big Bash at their mountain house.  It started a few years ago for my mom's 50th birthday and they have just continued having it each year.  They invite a lot of their friends and some of ours as well.  This year Wes had several family members there too.  (Gerri and Gene of course and then his cousins from Asheville were at Chimney Rock so they came for a short visit too!)

We took Paige's pool because Anna, Will and the girls were there and we knew it would be fun times.  Well, let me tell you...mountain well water is COLD even after letting it sit in the sun for a while.  None of the girls were happy at first, then BB boiled some water and added it to the freezing water.  Emma and Ella were happy then but Paige was still grumpy!  I think she was really overwhelmed with all the people wanting to talk to her and hold her, all the men there (yes she is a little scared of men) and then the ice cold pool...she just wasn't having it! 
We had a great time just relaxing at the house.  There was some yummy food too!  I ate too much!  I think Paige was happy when it was finally nap time...she loved swinging!
Everyone started leaving around 3 that afternoon I guess and then it was just us, Gerri and Gene and my parents.  I think Paige liked that much better!   I had to share this picture...I just love my hubby!
We had leftovers for dinner and took Gerri and Gene over to the house where they were staying the night and Wes took Paige and I on a ride on the Kubota.  Paige just loves to ride...she was laid back relaxing.

Sunday, we woke up and Dad and Wes left for a 3 or 4 hour hiking adventure!  Mom, Paige and I stayed around the house.  We had breakfast and cleaned up a little more.  Paige loved playing in the house and following BB around everywhere waiting for the fridge to open!
 Sunday was also Mom's birthday and every time I wasn't with her, I kept thinking I have to tell her Happy Birthday...I finally remembered when I was around her to tell her!  I think she enjoyed spending the majority of her birthday with me Miss Paige!
After lunch, we packed up and decided to head on home.  Poor Miss Paige either got car sick or just wasn't feeling well because she got so sick.  We had to pull over in the pouring down rain (at least it was before we got on the interstate) and change her clothes, wash her down with baby wipes and clean out the car seat!  Once she got situated again, she passed out until we were about a mile from the house thank goodness!

We got home just in time for bad weather.  I saw where there were Tornado Warnings for us...that means one was spotted!  People saw funnel clouds about half a mile from our house and then at the all around us!  I took some toys and Paige and I hung out in the bathroom while her Daddy looked out the back door...ugh.  He even wanted to go take the trash off during this.  I told him he was not going anywhere (if you looked outside it wasn't raining or anything so he thought I was crazy) but he finally humored me and sat in the bathroom for about 5 seconds and he said the storm has passed since it was at the lake.  Can I tell you how much I hate tornadoes?? I think I would die if I ever really saw one!  

So needless to say, we still have trash that needs to be taken off...the Tornado warning was over at 4:15 and the trash dump closes at 5?? He couldn't take it for some reason after the warning was canceled...not to mention we live less than a mile from it too!   Makes sense huh?

We had an eventful weekend and it was nice to get away for a night but it sure was nice to be in my bed and Paige in her own room last night!

Lets hope this work week goes by fast so the weekend will be here soon!
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