Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Newborns, Playdates and Slides

I had yet another fun and eventful weekend!  Friday afternoon, I finally went to go visit one of my best friends who had just had a baby.  Her name is Sloan is so so very sweet.  She was 10 days old when I finally met her and weighed around 8 pounds.  It is unreal to think that Paige was that small!!  I loved holding that precious baby and catching up with Beth!
Later that afternoon/evening, Mrs. Thurston came over for some Paige time and then I finally cleaned our house...well, started too and finished the rest up Saturday morning.
Paige and I had a big day Saturday....it was another play date with sweet Audrey (and Jodi and Alyssa came to play part of the day too).  Jodi and Alyssa got there around 10 that morning..just in time to entertain Paige while I vacuumed..she hates that sound!  Once Heather and Audrey got there, we hung out at the house, trying to keep Audrey happy and then decided to go Uptown Greenwood for lunch and walk around the Festival of Flowers toperaries.   

After lunch, Jodi and Alyssa went to play at a friends pool and the four of us headed back to my house.  We thought we would have nap time, but that lasted no time and the girls were ready to play!  Of course I have a lot of pictures to document but here are my favorites from the afternoon..they include playing inside, 4th of July photo shoot, pool and bath time.  We wore those babies out!
Our play date was so much fun..we really enjoy our days with Audrey and Heather!  Cant wait for the next one at their house!  Since Paige only napped for 30 minutes all day, Wes and I were just waiting for her to pass out all evening.  This girl was going strong and so happy!  Not sure what got into her but she was having a ball going on no sleep!  Jonathan came over and Wes cooked the best hamburgers ever and I made our favorite homemade onion rings...Jonathan took a picture because he wanted to make Facebook jealous!

Saturday night was one of my favorite memories with Wes and Paige.  Paige learned out to slide down her slide.  We took videos but I didn't get a video of her staying seated and perfecting her slide..she was so proud!
Paige slept almost 12 hours Saturday night...which made for one happy Mama!  The three of us hung around the house for half the day until Wes went to go fishing with Jonathan.  After Paige's nap, we went to visit Mema for a little while.  Mema was so excited to have a surprise visitor!  Then we came home and cooked supper and of course played on the slide with Daddy a lot later that evening.

It was another great weekend and so glad I got to share it with some of my favorite people!! 

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  1. What a fun little play date you had ! babies i the pool is too cute !

  2. Awe such cute photos!! Love all the smiles!

  3. Those wagon pictures are too darn cute!!! Thanks for linking up! :)