Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a fun weekend at home this weekend.  I parked my car on Friday after work and didn't move it until this morning!  Wes wasn't feeling all that great all weekend, at one point he said "If I don't make it, I want to be cremated...".  Dramatic much?  His sinuses are giving him issues and his back, I know he is miserable but maybe a bit too dramatic!  

I honestly have NO idea what we did after work on Friday.  I know Jodi came over for a quick visit after work and I made spaghetti and meatballs, but other than that, that is all I can remember.  Must have been fun, huh?

Photo: Cousins!!
Saturday, we woke up and walked next door to Mimi's house because Emily, Levi and the boys were in town for the weekend!  We played for a little while then loaded up everyone to go see Mimi at the Jump Rope for Heart event she was working.  It was nice to see her friends and also my cousins that were there.  The kids loved playing with all the toys set up for the event!  Then we headed to the park!  The kids played and played and played.  Paige was obsessed with swinging!  She was a little overwhelmed from all the people at the event still and her molars are coming in, so she just sat quietly chewing on her fingers and swinging!  

 After playing there for  awhile, we headed to have lunch at Mig's and then back to Mimi's to play until nap time.  The boys played baseball and rode 4 wheelers, while Paige watched, played in the sand box and her wagon.  It really was a great relaxing day watching all the kids playing outside in the wonderful warm weather.

Then Paige was ready for her nap, so her took her back next door, grabbed the monitor and went back to Mimi's.  Jodi and Katherine came to visit and brought some of Paige's clothes Katherine's mom monogrammed for me...yay!  Once Paige woke up, she visited with Jodi and Katherine and then it was time for supper.  We all went to The Ranch and left Daddy at home to rest.

Since Daddy was sick, we stayed at Mimi's until bedtime.  We walked in the house and Wes was sleeping in the recliner so I told Paige to be very quiet Daddy is sleeping.  She kept putting her finger to her mouth saying "shhh shhh".  Once she drank her milk and was ready to be put in her crib, I told her goodnight and I love you and she said "shhhh Da-Da".  She is just too cute!
Photo: Playing with her Gerri
Sunday morning, Wes was feeling a little better but still stayed around the house most of the morning.  Paige and I headed back next door to Mimi's and let the kids play.  We pretty much did the same thing, baseball, sandbox, 4wheelers and wagon rides until lunch.  We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and they were yummy.  We played some more and then it was naptime for Paige.  While she napped, I cleaned the house.  It is spotless...I love a clean house!  I sat down to relax and not 2 seconds after, Paige woke up and was ready to go outside to play!  The boys just left for North Carolina but we saw that Gerri was visiting Mimi so we went to see Gerri and Gene.  We miss them so much!  We sat on the screen porch and played with bubbles and play dough!  Fun times!

Daddy was starting to feel better, he was outside trimming trees and working on the tractor.  We all headed home for supper and just to hang out at the house. 

We had a wonderful and fun weekend..cant wait for the next weekend to come!

Oh...random but I found my doppelganger! Jodi's friend Abi sent this to her...scary!

Mingle 240
 photo 8837077b_zpsad55eb7f.png

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through the This and That Kids Instragram post this morning. I always take note to "P" monograms as my little girl, Peyton Elizabeth, has the "uncommon P" as well. Looks like your Page's pBe monogram is the exact same as ours also. WHAT! Crazy, that never happens I feel like. Peyton is currently in size 12M and we're looking for 18M and 2T for summer and fall. If you're ever interested in selling any monogrammed outfits...PLEASE let me know! :) From your blog it sounds like you appreciate a good consignment purchase as well!