Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another day of love :)

So Wes and I never really do much for Valentine's Day mainly because we both JUST had birthdays.  We at least try to go on a dinner date or make a point to make a really good dinner at home.  I assumed we would just have a nice dinner at home but Wes said lets go out tonight for V-Day.  We just stayed in town and went to Ruby Tuesday.  Most people wouldn't chose there I doubt, but Wes never wants to go there to I was excited!  We had a great night out just us.  I heart my hubby :)

Oh...did y'all know Ruby Tuesday had these...
Yummy garlic biscuits!  This could be really old news...but I couldnt decide if I wanted Ruby Tuesday or Red Lobster tonight and the only reason I wanted Red Lobster was for these biscuits.  So it worked out perfectly :)

Now for my daily Love Challenge :)

Chaos Theory

Day Seven
I {LOVE} When I Feel Beautiful/Sexy/Pretty! I Feel This Way When...

What first came to mind is after I spend forever at the salon getting my hair colored, cut and styled at the same place I have been going to for about 15 years!

I also feel pretty have I go get this done....
I does a pedicure not make you feel beautiful!!
I also feel pretty when I have a new outfit!
Whenever I look at my Bridal always puts a smile on my face because isn't your wedding day one of those days when you feel the best about yourself?? 

Finally, it never fails...whenever Wes takes me out on a "date" always makes me feel pretty and loved!


  1. Love that bridal photo of you and your doggie!

  2. your bridal pictures are amazing!!

    thank you so much for linking up with me and Sam and Neely again - this has been SO fun!