Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Fun-Day!

I really needed a girls day yesterday out of Greenwood so I asked my friend Katherine if she wanted to go to Anderson with me for lunch and shop a little.  So our favorite place to eat in Anderson now is J Peters!

 I wish I had a picture of our appetizer we may have been the best thing we have ever eaten in our life, the baked shrimp and crab dip! Yum!  Then we both got the house salad with croissant..if you have had the California Dreaming Salad, its the same!

(This isn't our salad, I just found this on the Internet :))
 Enough about food!  Then we had to go burn some calories that we just consumed shopping.  I got an Old Navy gift card for my b-day so I got a shirt and these cute shoes that I am wearing today..

 Ignore the ugly floor of my office!  Then I was on a mission to find a large picture of something and some "things" to put on my new piece of furniture Wes got my for my here to see a picture.  We get to pick it up this weekend! YAY! :)

So off we went to Ross.  Ross is always a hit or miss for me and yesterday it was a huge miss.  We saved the best for last and went to our favorite store
We love Target and are very very jealous of people who have this store in their town.  We walked around forever, I bought a new cardigan (sorry no picture) and this picture that we both loved
 It is still in the packaging so just ignore the corners.  We thought this would work with both mine and the hubby's interests and color scheme.  We bought a couple of other things then we went to one last store....Pier 1 where I found these cute things (again for my new furniture)

So that ended our shopping spree in Anderson and we headed back to Greenwood.  I talked her into going to Bi-lo with me and I only spend about $130 for groceries....I am used to spending anywhere from $200-$275 yay me and coupons!

One last picture that I absolutely love to death, the other night I looked over at Wes and Gracie (they always share the recliner at night) and look how they were sitting...Love it :)

Callie's eyes were shut until I took the picture!

Guess I need to get back to work!! Have a great Monday!


  1. I am officially the worst blogger friend EVER. I just realized I never told you I got my precious Valentine's Day package from you! My internet at home is currently NOT working (bumming off the neighbors as we speak) and I totally meant to email you from my phone...and I somehow forgot. Forgive me? You are the sweetest thing ever! I loved my surprises so very much. Thank you times infinity :)

  2. i love love love those Zebra shoes!!!

  3. That is totally not Gracie in the picture with Wes ;) And the shrimp and crab dip at J Peters IS the best thing in the world!!

  4. Sounds like a fun day!!

    I just gave you the Stylish blogger award. Check it out.