Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine!

Well since everyone is writing about their valentine, I figured I would write about mine too.  Wes and I don't ever do much for Valentine's Day mainly because we both just had birthdays.  I may be the only girl saying this today, but I never saw the hype to this day.  I would much rather be surprised on a random day with extra love and flowers than we he feels like he has too!  But I also wouldn't turn down flowers today either haha (we did go to dinner last night for a little v-day celebration)

Wes and I met 6 years ago this past January, I knew from the minute I met him that I wanted to be with him and really thought it would last!  The day after I met him, I called my mom to tell her all about him....I usually didn't tell my mom about a boy until we actually dated or hung out for awhile, but I knew there was something special about Wesley.  But Wes had different plans...we dated for a couple months, he broke up with me and we started dating about 5 or 6 months after that.  I am embarrassed to say this cycle least too long.  We were know for dating and breaking up.  Wes just wasn't ready for a serious relationship and I was.  Then in August of 2008, he finally came to his senses and told me that he really really wanted to try out our relationship one more time.  He kept telling me he was serious and wanted to be with me, but he had some proving to do first.  I even kept it a secret from most family and friends because I didn't want the same lecture "he hasn't changed, he will do it again.....".  I knew I would get that lecture because if it was a friend of mine, I would have told them the same thing!
After about a month, I knew something was different so I told everyone.  It felt great to not hide the relationship anymore.  I started looking for jobs back home (I lived in Aiken at the time) and finally got one, moved home and we got engaged in December of 2009.  
Anyways, that's mine and Wes's story.  It isn't the best love story but it is my favorite! 
When we first met back in 2005
When we got back together for good in 2008
Night before our big day! :)
My handsome hubby

One of my favorite wedding pictures!

Having fun on our honeymoon!

Well, that's my Valentine!

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