Monday, October 7, 2013

12 MONTHS!!!

Dear Miss Paige,
Oh my word Miss Paige!  You are a year old!!  How did that happen?  This past year as absolutely been the best year of my life.  You know, you always hear that high school and college years are the best, but I really think this tops those...and I LOVED college life.  Not going to lie, there were some days where I thought I would go crazy, whether it was from sleep deprivation, teething, or fevers but then I look at you and know that it is all worth it!  Your Daddy and I are so proud of you Miss Paige and can not wait to spend every day with our doll baby!  But like I say all the time...stop growing up so fast please!!

You still weigh 21ish pounds.  You didn't change much this month size wise, and I really do not know how you didn't.  You are such a good eater!  I just knew you were 30 inches but I had your Daddy measure you and you are just a little over 29 inches.  Who knew we would have a short baby with your Daddy being so tall!  I am sure you will hit a huge growth spurt one of these days!    

You pretty much only wear 12 month clothes right now.  I don't see you moving up to 18 month anytime soon...which is kinda bad since all your summery clothes are 12 months and fall are 18 month!  Guess we need to go buy you a couple pair of pants that are 12 month.  I am not going to lie...I am ready for you to start wearing your fall clothes.  I guess I am getting tired of summer.  Since your hair is getting long, we have to pull it back and you let me put a bow in your hair now...that makes me excited.  As for shoes, you wear size 3...size 2 in the squeaky shoes.  It wont be long before you are moving up a size in that too!  Speaking of shoes, you are obsessed with making sure everyone is wearing their shoes.  You bring the shoes to them and stare at their feet until they put them on....and we always do!

  You are still wearing size 3 diapers, probably not for too much longer though.  We will probably buy size 4 next time we have to buy diapers. At night you wear size 4 so you sleep better at night with no leaks and we will probably move to size 5 at night soon too.  It is amazing how much you use the bathroom at night!  At least that means you must be drinking a lot during the day I guess?

Let me just tell you how easy this month has been with feeding you.  You only have one bottle a day, you may have started the month with two but quickly cut back to one bottle a day.  You wake up, have oatmeal and fruit in the morning with juice/water for breakfast, a snack around 10:30 and then lunch at 12.  You normally eat the baby ravioli which you love, the meat sticks or whatever I am having.  You never eat pureed food anymore, unless it is in the squeezable fruit/veggie packs which you still enjoy.  Then you have a snack after your nap and then eat whatever we are eating for supper and add the ravioli if needed.  Some nights you get hungry right before bed time and you have a small snack around 7:30.  You end the night with an 8 ounce bottle which is all breastmilk.  I only pump once a day now and it is wonderful.  I quit pumping the day after your birthday and we started the transition to whole milk...yay!

Miss thing I can brag about you is that you are a great sleeper!  I am so happy I can say that.  I hear so many people say they still wake up multiple times with their one year old.  On an average night, you go to sleep between 8:30-9 at night and wake up around 8-8:15 AM.   It is very rare that you wake during the night.  You typically only have one nap a day from 1:30 or 2 until around 4pm.  Sometimes you have a little cat nap on your way home from school.  I do not know what it is about a baby sleeping, but I love watching you.  You love sticking you bottom up in the air, I think you are the most comfortable when you sleep like that...too cute for words!

Thankfully you did not teeth any this month! YAY!  You still have 8 teeth, I thought you had another breaking through, but I must have been mistaken.  I love when I can say you didn't teeth this month...give both Paigey and Mama a nice break doesn't it?  

School started back for you this month and you even moved up to the next age class..the young ones!  Mrs. Kim is your teacher and she is wonderful like Mrs Linda.  There are 6 babies in  your class and y'all are all girls except one boy.   You really love your school, you love playing with the other babies, playing with the play kitchen and boats and just getting to go to the playground.  I think this schools is the best thing for you, you have really developed since you started your one year old class. You are the youngest in class by a few months, so you see what they do and you try your best to learn it fast.  Which is great but then are growing too fast for this Mama!
Hey Paige..guess what?? You are walking!  We have been waiting for this for a while and you conquered it and I think your friends and school really helped you learn it quick because they were all walking and playing and you didn't want to be left out!  Right after your turned 11 months old, you started walking a few steps by your self and by the end of the month you were walking everywhere.  It is so cute watching you walk around everywhere...we love it. It is odd that I never see you crawl realized that was too slow and not near as fun as walking!

You still love your stuffed animals...which I think is great!  Every time you pick one up,  you love on it and give it a big hug!  You are not comfortable at night until you have your bunny and tiger in your arms.  I think you hold onto them all night long too.  Speaking of sleeping, you do not let me rock you anymore...I am not sure how I feel about this Miss Paige.  You cuddle with me while you have your bottle but the second that is finished, you reach for your paci and point to your crib.  You refuse to let me rock you, but I guess I shouldn't complain too much since you go to sleep on your own these days.

Your favorite toys right now are your stuffed animals, balls and really anything that you can use to walk with.  I know that will changes soon since you will get so many new toys for your birthday!  I am secretly hoping you love baby dolls of course! You are obsessed with going outside.  You go to the door and point and whine letting us know you need to go play.  You love your wagon and of course your swing still.  Gracie is probably your favorite thing ever but she will not let you get close to her...maybe one day!

No new words for you this month but that doesn't mean you aren't trying.  You "talk" all the time and I wish I knew what you were saying because the face expressions are wonderful.  You point and say "words" a lot but only a few are noticeable, Dada..Mama..Ball..Byebye..Uhoh. 

Your biggest first this month was walking!  Another huge first is that you went to your first Clemson Football game.  You went downtown, tailgated and cheered on your tigers!  I am so excited to share this with you and I hope you love it as much as I do!  Other than that, we had a photo shoot in Clemson, spent some time at the lake, went to Audrey's birthday party, and of course started school.  You have learned how to clap really well, blow kisses (your own version of it) and still waving and talking to everyone!

We just have so much fun with you Miss Paige.  You have the biggest personality and seem to be so outgoing.  Which you do not get from your Mama!  You are fearless and have a great time doing whatever!  I love getting you laughing..that is still my favorite thing.  I swear you are the cutest thing ever...but I know I am biased!  You absolutely love playing "Where is Paige?" You get the biggest kick out of that..and I do as well!  I look forward to every second I get to spend with you because there is no telling what you are going to do!  You keep us on our toes that is for sure...and it is wonderful!

Here are a couple of my favorite videos from this month! 

I believe I am actually in denial Miss Paige.  I can not believe you are 12 months old.  You are ONE YEAR OLD!  That really just blows my mind.  You are such a blessing to us all and I am so thankful I get to be your Mama.  I look forward to each and every day and I can not wait to love on you when I get home from work!  I miss you so much throughout the day but I am lucky that I get to spend my lunch breaks with my girl.  This past month has been so much are at a great age.  We have a blast and you always keep us laughing with everything you do!  Your Daddy and I love you more than words can say and we are so lucky that we get to have you in our lives daily.  What more could you want? I can not wait to see what else you have in store for us..I know it will be an adventure!  We love you sweet girl and HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY my love bug!


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