Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekend Recap {Part One}

Do you ever have those weekends where you wish you had another day off just to have some time to relax?  Well, that was me this weekend!  We had a great weekend that was packed full of fun times!

Friday was the last Friday for a while where I didn't have to work.  So Paige and I loaded up and headed to Columbia to meet Heather and Audrey at the Riverbanks Zoo.  I just love this Zoo so much, there are some great exhibits and you could literally spend all day there.  But with two little ones, we spent about two hours and it was perfect.  Here are a few pictures from the day!
We had a great time at the Zoo but we were all getting hungry..especially Miss Paige so we headed by the gift shop to get the girls a souvenir and then headed to lunch.  We decided to go to Rush's which we both love.  Can you believe they only had two highchairs in the whole restaurant and one was taken?? So since Audrey is a little calmer than Paige, we figured we would try out Audrey in the booster seat and she did great!  Paige would not have sat still I am sure!  We had lunch, checked out a sale at a local boutique and then it was nap time!  So we said our goodbyes and Paige and I headed to Newberry. 
Paige was able to get a short nap in before we stopped in Newberry.  My good friend and co-worker had a baby on Paige's birthday and I was dyeing to hold little man!  I was able to get some cuddle time with Emmett and Paige played with Sara, Molly the dog and all the toys.  We had a great visit! 
We visited with Emmett, Sara and Heath for a couple hours and then headed back to Greenwood!  I thought Paige would pass out once we got in the car but she talked for 30 minutes and of course fell asleep about 5 miles away from our house.  So I put her straight in her crib.  Wes came home and we decided to let Paige sleep a little later..I normally don't let her sleep past 5 but we had a long evening ahead of us!  
Paige finally woke up around 5:30 and we went to Fuji for dinner with Jonathan.  Paige loved the hibachi chicken and sweet carrots!  After supper, we went to the big County Fair.  The best part of the Fair is really just people watching.  We walked around for a while, Wes and Jonathan played a couple games and Jonathan won Paige a prize!
 After we saw everything there was to see at the Fair, we walked to the other side for the Mud bog.  It is weird to be at a mud bog and not have Wes and Jonathan participating in it!  We all watched the 4-wheelers ride and Paige loved watching and of course loved watching all the people.

 It was getting close to Paige's bedtime and she was ready to go, so we left Wes and Jonathan there and the two of us went home to get ready for bed.  We had to get a good nights sleep because we had a big day on Saturday....

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