Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Weekend

We had a pretty low-key weekend and I am happy about that!  Lately we have been go-go-go on the weekends and we will next week so I was happy to say that we didn't have anything really planned.  On Friday, Wes came home and said "lets go to Capri's and go shopping!".  Um, that was like the best sentence ever!  That is my favorite place to eat and we never go there!  I ordered the Tour of Capri, which is like Tour of Italy at Olive Garden.  It was cheaper to get that than my normal meal and then a kids meal.  So Paige and I shared the cheese ravioli, lasagna and fettuccine Alfredo and we had leftovers for Saturday too! Wes got his normal baked lasagna.  After we ate, we went "shopping".  Wes's truck has a lot of miles on it and needs some work so his boss decided to let Wes donate his truck to the business and the business will buy Wes a new truck!  Wes has a huge truck so it will be great for the business when they have to transfer equipment to jobs.  It is perfect for that, but a little much for everyday driving.  So we are donating the vehicle which is worth $13,000 and getting a new truck with no payments!  We are so thankful for this "gift"!  Back to shopping...of course there are not many options in Greenwood for work trucks so that didn't last long!  He is going to have to buy something out of town to get what he needs.  There are a lot "grocery getter" trucks (as he calls them) but not a lot of real trucks.

What he calls a grocery getter...pretty paint job, nice interior, you know just a nice truck

What he calls a truck...white with tool boxes (not pictured) manual windows, 4 wheel drive
Anyways, after we went to look at trucks and I looked at Suburbans just for fun of course, it was time to head home for the night.  We played with Paige until bedtime and we went to bed shortly after Paige. 

Saturday, Wes went to work and Paige and hung around the house and cleaned up a little bit.  Jodi brought lunch over and the three of us hung out that afternoon.  Wes came home after work and graced us with his presence.  He is something else sometimes!  He left that afternoon to go hunting and it was time for some football finally!  Our tigers played at Syracuse and we  had an excited game.  We were accused of running up the score in the first half but you never know what the 3rd quarter will be like and thank god we scored a lot in the first half...Syracuse started scoring in the 3rd but we ended up winning big!  The coach for Syracuse really showed out and decided to cruse Dabo out and was caught on camera...

But in his defense, he was caught up in the moment and he did apologize a lot after the game! Anyways...after our game we got caught up on the Georgia vs. Tennessee game and then it was time for Jodi to go home.  Paige and I played until bedtime and of course watched USC vs. Kentucky.  Man was I hoping for Kentucky to pull out that win...they almost did.  Poor little Clowney decided not to play that game...ugh he just makes me sick..Man up and play!  If I was his coach I would make him play or instead of letting him choose to play in only the big games.  NFL recruits are probably knocking him down on their list!  Anyways..enough football I guess!

Sunday morning, Wes made breakfast and we headed to Wal-Mart and Tractor Supply for a couple things.  Then we decided to take Paige to the park for a little while.  For some reason she was not interested in it AT ALL until we tried to leave of course!  After the park, we went home and Wes left for the afternoon to hunt and Paige and I stayed home until she woke up from her nap.  After her nap we went to visit Mema, came home for supper and then visited BB and Boompa since they just got back in town from the game in Syracuse.

We had a great low-key was just what this Mama needed because we have a fun filled weekend coming up! 

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