Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekend Recap {Part Two}

I know it is kinda sad to still be writing about our weekend and it is already Thursday, but it was packed full of fun and I've been busy! Friday was a very busy and fun day and so was Saturday!  Paige and woke up and got our game day gear on and waited for everyone to get to our house so we could head to Clemson.  Family friends were in town for the game from Houston so they road with me, Jodi and Paige.  They have a son who is a couple months older than Paige, so we were excited to see them play with each other....well, that didn't really happen.  You see, Paige is a little very active and into everything and Ben, well, he is calm and relaxed.  So they didn't really play with each other at all.  It was still a great day with the babies in Clemson.  We headed downtown first and hung out at Howards and then we decided to check out the Homecoming Floats on Bowman Field.
You know I was telling you how active she is...see that big booboo on her head?? Got a little too excited walking on the sidewalk
After we looked at all the floats, we went back to our tailgate for lunch and let the babies play.  I am not sure where she gets it from, but Paige is one funny baby!  She had everyone entertained!
It was finally game time and Paige still did NOT have a nap.  I knew we were in for a treat during the game and man is that an understatement. Paige was happy for the most part but full of energy.  She was waving at everyone, clapping, trying to feed everyone name it, she was doing it!  She loved every time we scored because the fireworks would go off. She was exhausting..then I would look at Ben and he was sitting so calmly in his mom's lap...I was amazed at the difference!  
Right at about 5 minutes left to go in the first half...someone finally gave in and took a NAP!  Yay :)
I debated on sitting with her through halftime so I would wake her up, but I really didn't want to do that.  She was in a deep sleep, so I carried her down all those steps and headed to the tailgate and it worked!  I laid her down in the stroller and she never woke up!
I left her at the tailgate (other people stayed of course) and headed back into the game for the second half.  She is a lot of work to take to the games, but I love having her there with me!  We got home that night about an hour before bedtime and was able to play with Wes some....Paige was still in rare form and just a ball of energy!
Sunday morning came around and we were lazy!! Paige usually sleeps until 8 but decided to wake up around 7:15 and neither Wes or I wanted to wake up yet, so Paige came to bed with us. She played on the bed for a while and we watched TV while Daddy slept, then finally we both feel asleep from 8:15-9:30...if you know us at all...we NEVER sleep in that late.  Apparently we all needed it!  We got ready and went to IHOP for a late breakfast and it was so very good.  It has been years since we went there!  We went grocery shopping and a couple other errands before Wes went off for the rest of the day.  Paige and I just stayed home and enjoyed having nothing to do that afternoon!

It was a great and jam-packed weekend!  Glad we don't have anything planned this weekend..besides watching football on TV of course!
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