Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday night while I was at work and Wes was hunting, I sent him a text that said, "Paige and I are going to St. Mark UMC pumpkin patch tomorrow to take pictures and pick out pumpkins.  Do you want to come?"  His response was, "sure sounds like fun".  I was shocked.  Did he really want to do something like this with us?  Surely I thought he was being sarcastic, but come Wednesday afternoon, he was making plans for our family outing!

I know that sounds awful, but he likes doing this with us...when it is something he thinks is fun.  Going to a pumpkin patch doesn't sound like something he will be thrilled about going to.  He was a trooper, he walked Paige around and didn't even get annoyed with me taking pictures.  I think he is finally used to that!

We let Paige walk around where she wanted, she picked out the small balls pumpkins that she liked.  Yes, she thought they were balls and were throwing them every where...oops!  She had to have one in each had and insisted on her Daddy carrying one.  So we ended up with three small pumpkins!   

We borrowed their wagon and loaded up the small pumpkins and Paige to start our hunt for our big pumpkin we would carve.  After a few minutes of searching, we found out perfect pumpkin! 
The second part of our family outing, we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for supper.  It was the WORST service ever! I mean our waiter was nice, but the food took forever. Not what you want when you have a hungry one year old with you.  I had some food in her diaper bag to hold her over, but the wait was ridiculous.  I mean nothing against Cracker Barrel, but we all know the food isn't made to order...we got vegetable plates.

After waiting 45 minutes for our food and seeing all these people that ordered their food like 30 minutes after us getting their food, out waiter finally came over and said...your food should be up soon.  Waiting on her food...pointing to Paige.  Um really? We ordered her two veggies!  Wes said, no I am sure you just remembered to put the order in?  The guy walked away and I was like..excuse me can we at least get some bread, she is getting antsy!

About 5 minutes later he brought some bread and then finally our food!  What a horrible experience there, but thankfully Paige was pretty happy! When Wes was at the counter paying, the girl was asking how everything was.  Well, Wes never says anything but said "it was the worst experience we have had in a very long was ridiculous."  She offered to get the manager and Wes said he had already waited forever and was ready to get the hell out of there.  

What a fun night huh? Oh well, at least we had fun picking out pumpkins and taking some cute pictures!

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