Monday, May 13, 2013

DIY Silhouette

I wanted to make something extra special for BB and Mimi for Mother's Day this year...remember that budget I talk about? I knew I didn't have that much extra money to spend so I wanted something nice I could make them.

It was a few days before Paige and Audrey's last play date and Heather asked me if there was anything we wanted to do or make.  I have been wanting to get Paige's Silhouette taken but the man that was doing that locally was out of my price range (I am sure his rates are the same as others).  I decided to google DIY Silhouettes and found some great websites and blogs that told us step by step on how to do it.  So I cant take credit!  So I sent the links to Heather and she agreed that we needed to make these!

I was really wondering how we were going to get pictures of Paige and Audrey.  We sat each one in the Bumbo seat and I think I took like 100 pictures of each girl while Heather was keeping them happy and entertained!  Once we looked through all the pictures there were only like 1 of each girl that we liked.  Luckily they were perfect of them!

So after we decided which picture we wanted, we printed them out and I cut them out.  Audrey's sweet face was so much easier to cut out than Paige's.  Did you know Paige has some crazy hair!  After that, I traced them out some poster board and had to cut them out again.  We each made 4 of them, one for us to keep, one for each grandma and then one for our sisters. 

 The hard part was over!  Once they were all cut on on poster board, we painted them black.  We saw several cute ideas on painting them bright colors or leaving them white and placing on cute paper but we both wanted the traditional silhouette.

Of course Heather didn't think about laying hers on paper towels so that kinda stuck to the counter...oops!  Each one took a few coats of paint before they were finished.  That was all we did that day on the project.  When I got back home I went to Hobby Lobby to buy the frames.
I am so in love with the finished project.  It looks just like Paige and Audrey's look just like her!  I am proud of the two of us for making these!  I have had mine in hiding and now since BB and Mimi finally have them, I can hang mine in the house...just have to find the perfect spot!

I also made each of them a personalized Mother's Day card from Snapfish...they came out perfect!
Hope they liked their gifts because I enjoyed making them :)
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