Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

Who knew that I would be making Teacher Appreciation gifts for my seven month old child?!  Not me! I never would have guessed it.  Again, like the Valentine's Day cards...I just didnt realize all of this went on.  

I know I wanted to do something cute and thoughtful but it had to be on a tight budget.  A friend of mine said to get them (there is one main teacher and two assistants that rotate days) a gift card to Starbucks and say "Thanks A Latte!"  That is cute but it isnt really me and I dont see Mrs Linda being a Starbucks person..I could be wrong.  So I did what I always it!

Heather gave me an idea to give flowers and I liked the idea but then I saw this blog post and I fell in love.  I really liked the hugs idea but realized teachers get too much candy and probably get tired of it.  So I completly copied her and got flowers.  Here are Paige's teacher gifts:

Luckily, I put them together at my office and since I work for Girl Scouts we had craft supplies.  I found some cute ribbon but not enough of just one ribbon to do all three the same of course.  I wasnt sure what to put the note on (I have the bakers popsicles at home) so I found Q-tips and cut the ends off and it worked perfectly!

We are very thankful that Paige had Mrs Linda this year.  It made this Mama going back to work much easier.  Mrs Linda is the best and we love her!

So happy Teachers Appreciation Week to all my favorite teachers!  
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  1. Those are so cute! I'm a teacher and I can definitely say that we get a LOT of candy! Sometimes we eat it and sometimes it has to get thrown away! I'm always so sad when I have to throw away part of a child's gift but it's not always practical.