Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I'm Loving... Mrs Linda.  I know I have talked about her before on here but she is Paige's teacher and she is just wonderful.  I know every morning that when I drop Paige off that she is loved so much.  Every morning she says "Good morning beautiful" and loves on her.  It truly makes leaving her there SO much easier!  Friday is the last day with Mrs Linda...its strange but I am kind of stressing about it.  There is a week off school and then Summer Camp starts and she will have a different teacher for the summer.  I think it will be the helpers from this year but isn't Mrs. Linda.  I love that Mrs. Linda knows Paige so well, knows her schedule and knows that I like a schedule!  But I know everyone there is just as good as her but I will just have to get used to it.  Paige and I are working on a sweet card to give Mrs Linda on Friday :)

I'm Loving... that Heather and I just planned out the next two play dates for Paige and Audrey.  We didn't get to play in May because we were both too busy, so we are making up for it in June.  We are going to the zoo next week and then coming here in a couple weeks.  I cant wait!!

I'm Loving... that I get to decorate a cake on Thursday.  A friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her son's second birthday.  She sent me a picture of a cake she likes and I get to make it similar to that.  I am really excited about it plus I get to make a little extra money!  I will share the cake next week...its comes with a train!

I'm Loving... the weather lately! It hasn't been too hot and it has been perfect!  It is finally time for pool and lake time!!  I mean how can I not be excited to play in the water with this sweet girl?!
I'm Loving... that my work schedule is winding down for the summer...I shouldn't have to travel any more at night until August! I know Wes will be excited about that...Paige has a hard time when I am not there in the evenings.  So nice knowing that I do not have to work late for a couple months!! 

I'm Loving... my family of course! We are so blessed and love them so much!  And I love taking pictures of my sweet girl if you didn't know already!!


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