Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I've Learned from Marriage

Today is mine and Wes's 4 year wedding anniversary.  So hard to believe that four years ago today we were getting ready for our big day!  I had such a great time and loved every second of our wedding.  I still enjoy looking at all our wedding pictures...I think Wes has only looked at a couple pictures since we got them back though!

Wes has to work late tonight so no celebrating for us!  But we are going out of town OVER NIGHT on Saturday without Miss Paige!  We were invited to go to the NASCAR race in Charlotte by his boss.  So we will be with him and a lot of their clients, so Wes told me to act right haha.  I have never been to a race but have always heard you should at least go to marking this off my bucket list!  I am a little worried about how I will handle my first night away from Miss Paige.  I know she will have a great time at her Mimi's but I am worried about me more than her!  It will be good for Wes and I to have fun with other adults for a change.

In honor of our wedding anniversary, I wanted to share some things I have learned about Wesley over the years:

  • Men Wes is moody! In my opinion men are moodier than women least women have an excuse to be moody each month!
  • Holidays are just not that important...He doesn't see the point in celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or anything!  Ugh!
  • When If he unloads the dishwasher, wash bottles, change a diaper he needs LOTS of acknowledgement...I however do not get acknowledgment when I take out the trash let alone do all of the above.
  • He will only let me take his picture if Paige is with him.  That is why you never see pictures of just me and him these days!  Just glad he will take pictures with Paige!
  • Dirty clothes go on the floor touching the hamper...That makes a lot of sense right?  I am not the neatest person, but I like the dirty clothes in the hamper.  Wes puts his clothes on the floor so close to the hamper just not in it!
  • When he is sick....he is SICK!  Poor thing needs a lot of attention and sympathy that he does not give me when I am just as sick or worse.  **Unless I just had a c-section and he is wonderful then**   A Cherry Limeaide for Sonic is the best medicine ever though.
  • No such thing as a vacation day from work.  I mean why take a day off work when you could be working?  There is no such thing as working too much and too hard.  I disagree!
  • A back rub/scratch can make any day better.  He thinks he needs one every day too.  He told me last night that I must not love him as much as I did when we first got married because he never gets a back rub anymore... He gets at least 2 or 3 a week by the way!
  • Everything is "alright".  That is his answer to are you, how was supper, how was the movie, everything!! The only thing he has a different answer for his when you ask him how his day went and then you get this response.."what a day, what a day".
  • He absolutley loves to cook and wishes he could be a chef.  I love it too...that means I don't have to do it!  The only thing is, when he shops and cooks all on his own, he spends my weekly budget of groceries on one HUGE meal!  At least he is a good cook ;)
  • He isn't romantic or lovey dovey but he expresses his love by making sure I have everything I need.  When I have to drive a lot that week for work, he always checks my oil, tire pressure, fills my car up with gas and all that good stuff to make sure it is as safe as possible.
Wes and I do not have the perfect marriage.  We get on each other's nerves but we love each other.  I know that he will always be there for me and make sure I have everything that I need.  He knows that I will always be there to get him a Cherry Limeaide when he is sick or just a back rub at night.  We may not be the most romantic couple ever but we know what true love is!

Happy Anniversary Wesbo! Here's to many, many more!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! So many of those are true for my husband, too! Too funny!

  2. Happy Anniversary. I believe that some of those are universally true of men, especially the point about them being sick.