Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I'm Loving...that little Miss Paige is being dedicated at church this coming Sunday.  On Mother's perfect!  She has a sweet new bubble to wear that I can not wait to see her in.  There will be three other babies dedicated as well.  Lets hope all the little ones cooperate seeing how it is nap time for a couple of them...should be interesting!  

I'm Loving... that I am FINALLY going to use my china.  I absolutely love my dining was my favorite room in the house before the nursery came along.  I decided to have everyone over for lunch after the dedication. It will be for Paige's dedication as well as Mother's Day lunch for my mom, mother in law and my Mema.  Here is a sneak peak 
I'm Loving...that today is 21 months post transplant for Jodi!  Hard to believe it has almost been two years! I hate that you have to leave for Houston on Sunday and miss out on dinner and the dedication but you and Dad will have a great trip, eating some yummy food and seeing Benjamin I assume!  Here's to great results!

I'm Loving... that I have decided on the theme for Paige's first birthday and I have a lot of DIY ideas to do since we are on a tight budget!  I did order one thing that I knew I would not be able to make.  I know it is still a ways away but I have to start now if I only have a few extra bucks every month.  Even though Paige will not remember her first is a huge milestone and want it to be perfect! 

I'm Loving... that Sunday is my first Mother's Day.  I don't expect any gifts or anything like that.  It will just be a super special day for me.  Wes doesn't see why birthdays and other days are that special (it bugs me to no are they not special???).  I don't get excited for the gifts, well I do but that isn't the main thing.  I just love any kind of holiday!  I am so lucky to be Paige's Mama...why not celebrate that right??

I'm always I'm loving Wesley and Paige!  Paige is so fun these days.  I was singing "You are my sunshine" to her this morning (I sing her that every night) and she started doing some high pitches squealing the entire time...I think she was trying to sing with me!  Love my little family...we are far from perfect but that is just fine with me.

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