Thursday, March 13, 2014

18 Months Old

To my sweet Miss Paige:

How in the world are you already 18 months?  My mind is blown away just thinking about it.  I am actually not sure how i feel about it either.  In some ways, I desperately miss the baby stages, but in others...I am absolutely IN LOVE with this age!  There as not been an age that I wasn't in love with thinking back.  

I am loving being your Mama Miss P.  You have made it very easy to love sweet girl.  Of course there are days that I have a harder time but 99% of the time, it really has been pretty easy these past 18 months! It has been a while since I wrote a monthly update about you, so I figured 18 months was a great time for a catch up so we can have a reminder years down the road!  I know I will love reading these and only hope that you will love to read them as well one day!

You are growing up so very much.  You are truly a toddler, no longer a baby.  That breaks my heart a little bit...slow down sweet girl!  I look at other babies your age and they still have that baby look!  I have come to realize that you are now my little toddler and I love it!  You are about 31 inches and weigh 26 pounds.  You don't go to the doctor for another month so these are Daddy's measurements!   You are in size 5 diapers (Pampers during the day and Huggies at night) and are mostly in 18 month clothes.  All your smocked dresses that fit you run anywhere between 9 months and bigger, the 18 month  probably fit you right, but I don't like them too long on you.  Depending on the brand, you are in size 4 shoe...some size 5.

Paigey, you have changed so very much since you 12 month update, I don't even know where to start!  For the most part you are a good little eater.  Especially if we are having lasagna!  We are having a hard time getting you to eat your veggies though!  Sometimes the only way you get them is if I make meatloaf or spaghetti and meatballs because you don't realize I put veggies in there!  You do like the early green peas though!  Now fruit, on the other hand, you love! You would eat fruit all day long.  I haven't found one you don't like yet! For breakfast you like pancakes, eggs or cheese toast.  Lunch, you love a corn dog for a treat occasionally, chicken fingers (dipped in think everything is better with ketchup!), grilled cheese or ham/turkey sandwhich.  For supper your favorites are lasagna, spaghetti, any kind of pasta really, meatloaf, and chicken.  We just have to work on those veggies!  You love snacks!!  You can eat anyone out of raisins!

You are so outgoing and fearless!  Well, you are scared of a couple things, such as elevators (we just found this out) and someone coming in the door without you being warned first.  Other than that, you are not scared of anything...which is a good thing because Daddy loves to let you ride on his tractor, you ride on the 4-wheeler, and even get pulled behind the 4wheeler!  I know one day you will give me a mini heart attack watching you play!  I am just glad you are not a scardy-cat like your Mama!

One big change since your last have new babysitters!  Gerri's grand baby was born in January and she moved to Easley to help out with him.  We miss her a lot but luckily she visits about every other week!  So we have Abbey and Mallory, two Lander students, that come each afternoon to our house to keep you.  We are so lucky to be able to keep you at our house in the afternoons!  You love playing with both of them.  They keep you outside as long as the weather is nice and y'all play, play, play!

You have a new best friend too!  Lemmy!  She is out little beagle and is 5 months old.  You love her so much and I love watching to two of you together.  Luckily she is very easy going, because you pull on her tongue, tail, mouth...everything and just lets you!  Whenever you see her, you scream "MEEE!"  Too cute!

We also moved!  We now live next door to your Mimi and you love walking over to see her, or at least play in her yard if she isn't there.  I know you will love growing up having her next door!  That also means that you have two more dogs to play with are in heaven!

I have a feeling you will be a talker!  You "talk" non-stop but only a few words are clear enough for me to understand right now.  Your most popular words are: Mama, Dada, MEEE (Lemmy), Boompa, bubbles, more, Bye Bye (then you say something every time that we have no idea what it is), up, stop, boots (of course), bows (each morning after you get dressed you point to your bows waiting for me to put one in your hair), Nack (snack) and I believe those are your most common words.  You say others, but not as often as those.

My favorite thing to do is ask you lots of questions and you always say, "Yessss" but if it something you know you don't want to do, like change your diaper,  you shake your head no.  We also love to ask you animal sounds!  Right now you know: dog, cat, tiger, owl, duck, fox (like the song) and I think that is it.  Feels like I am forgetting one.  You know what a fish does (make a fishy face) and you know what a lizard does (stick tongue in and out).  You also know what a doctor says "no more" and shake hand back and forth because that is what your BB did when she read you the book "10 Little Monkeys".  You hold your finger up when we ask how old you are. You love songs too!  You like Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake and You are my sunshine and you love to play Ring Around the Rosey!

The Learning Express has to be the best thing for you.  You love going to school every morning and love Mrs. Kim!  That is the way I get you out the door in the morning, I ask if you are ready to see Mrs Kim and you run to the door!  Makes me happy to know that you love her so much!  They keep you busy too! First thing each morning, y'all go to the docking station, which is a carpeted large room with lots and lots of fun toys.  Y'all play so hard them go back to the classroom for snack.  Then you either to a craft or do sensory activities.  You also sing a lot of songs and read many books.  You are the child that whines when it is time to go!   You get so excited to see me when I come pick you up, but then you don't want to leave!

You do not sit still for even a second!  You are go-go-go all day long!  You wake up ready to do something!  Do you know what I love so much about you, when it is time for nap time (most of the time you do not show you are tired at all), we can just lay you down in your crib and give you all of your many animals and you talk to your self until you fall asleep...usually just a minute!  Then you wake up ready to go! You are not one to cuddle after you wake up, yyou want to play!  And you play hard until bed time!  You let me rock you while you drink you milk, but once that is finished, you reach for your paci and point to your crib!  Before I lay you down, I ask you for a hug and a kiss.  You lay your head on my shoulder to hug me and then pucker up (with paci in mouth) and kiss me.  I know that will only last a little while and I am savoring every second of our bedtime ritual!

 You are on a schedule that is for sure!  It works great for us and I am thankful for our schedule...ask anyone, I love a schedule and I am glad you do as well.  Here is your typical weekday schedule:
8-8:10: Wake up on your own, breakfast, get dressed
845-11:45/12 - School
12-1: Lunch with me/Home
1-230: Either Abbey, Mallory or BB keeps you at our house and you play outside
230-430/5: Nap
Play until supper
530/6: Supper
Play until bath (we skip some nights but you LOVE bath time)
830: Milk and bed time.

Only thing different for weekends, is that you are home all day or we are out doing something fun, but you nap and feeding schedule is the same!

These are some of your favorite things right now:
Swing, Bunny, Tiger, well any of your stuffed animals, your baby doll, balls, books (you love love love reading your books!), rides in your wagon, playing on the ramp at Mimi's, and of course BUBBLES!  
 I think I have pretty much covered everything!  I just am in love you with sweet girl.  You have the funniest personality and I never know what you are going to do next!  I have the best time with you and so does your Daddy.  I know you will be a Daddy's girl for would make his day too!  Your Daddy and I are so thankful you are in our lives and we love you so much!  I cant wait to spend every minute with you and I wish we could spend more time with each other, but I have some great people to keep and love you while I have to work!  These past 18 months have flown by and before I know it I will have a two year old!  Thank you for being Paige and I love you so much love bug!  You are defiantly my sunshine (I sing that to you every night and you smile every time, even though it may not sound so pretty!)  Happy 18 moths sweet girl!  We love you!

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