Tuesday, March 11, 2014

There are still great people in this world!

The last couple of years, Wes and I have had a really rough time with dogs, with us losing both Callie and Gracie.  When we brought Lemmy home, we were hoping our lucks have changed. We are in our new home with lots of land and right beside his parent's house with their two dogs she can play with.  This may sound strange, but we can go a day or two without ever seeing Lemmy because she spends so much time at my in laws house. 

 But on Saturday, I started thinking...you know, I haven't seen Lemmy since Monday or Tuesday!  So I asked Wes and my in laws and neither of them have seen her.  My mother in law thought we had her fixed and she was at the vet.  So I started stressing about our puppy! Our other neighbors haven't seen her in a couple days either!

Wes had a couple of theories, either someone picked her up or either she was caught in a trap at my neighbors house.  {They have chickens and something has been killing them so they have a trap set up to catch the raccoons or whatever it was}.  Lemmy is into everything, so I just knew she got caught and my neighbors haven't told us yet!

We called the pound this weekend but they couldn't let us know if a beagle was picked up until Monday..ugh!  So Wes called yesterday morning and of course, no sign of our Lemmy!  I had almost given up on finding her, but Wes wasn't yet! 

I was sitting at the house yesterday afternoon and looked outside and saw this car ride by and I swore it was Lemmy in the front seat, but they went down the street to my neighbors house.  I didn't think anything of it until about 10 minutes later, I looked outside and saw my father in law walking over.  I thought that was odd that he was coming over and I saw he had something in his hand, so I figured he had mail for us that was delivered to the wrong house.  Then he got closer and Lemmy was walking behind him!!

I was beyond excited to see my pup!  She came running up to me jumping all over me.  My girl was home!  Apparently a lady found Lemmy on Tuesday (her house is on the other side of the woods behind my in laws land).  Anyways, she said Lemmy came to her house on Wednesday and she could tell it was someones pet since she was a pure breed.  So she took her to the vet to make sure she was ok.  She spent $200 on getting her up to date on all of her vaccinations, shots, etc.  (Which we had in our budget to do in March along with getting her fixed).  They went to houses on her street to see if Lemmy was their dog and she had almost given up and she decided she would keep her.

But then on Monday, she decided to check our street to see if Lemmy belonged to anyone and she stopped at my in laws.  Thankfully, my father in law opened the door...sometimes he doesn't hear when people are there because their doorbell is broken.  He told her that she belonged to us and she was a little sad I think!  She told him that this was the last street and was convinced Lemmy would be hers!  

I feel kinda bad because she was so attached, but I am so thankful that she kept looking for us!  Our spunky little Lemmy is home!  We are all so excited to have her home.  We went and bought her a new collar (not sure what happened to hers) she has a name tag with our phone numbers on it now so just in case she goes off again, we can be found much easier!

So, basically I am so thankful she kept looking!  A thank you card has been purchased and mailed (with a reimbursement check from the vet) to her.  So glad there are still great people in this world!  
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