Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Toddler Gymnastics

A few weeks ago, I heard about  a local gymnastics studio offered a free play on Monday nights for 0-3 year olds.  I knew right away that I wanted Paige to try it out.  I don't want to be one of those mom's that force their child to do a million things, but I want to her try out a lot of things so she can figure out what she is interested in as she gets older.  I am an advocate for youth sports and I think it is SO VERY important for kids to participate in youth athletics not just for physical health, but to learn how to share, take turns, listen to instructions, and learn how to lose.  Yes I said it...a child needs to learn how to lose a game/event.  When they are really young, I agree they all need to earn an award for participating to keep them interested but by the time they are 7 or 8, it is time to compete if they are ready for that.  Some kids are not ready until 9 or 10, but eventually every child needs to learn the true meaning of competition to prepare for the real world. 

Ok, enough of that, can you tell I have a Bachelors Degree in Sports Management/Youth Sports!  Now, back to gymnastics.  I plan to introduce a lot of different activities to Paige so when she is old enough to decide on her own, she can tell me what she wants to do.  So, last night we went to the open play at the gymnastics studio and let me tell you...it was too cute!  The instructor first played some music for warm up and told all the kids (all but two were brand new and knew what to do) to either jump around, dance, etc and each time the music stopped they had to freeze.  Paige was just standing there checking it all out.  Every time they froze, she then decided to do what they had just finished.  It was pretty cute!  Then they did some stretches.  Have you ever seen little ones stretch...so much cuteness.  I helped Paige do all of her stretches and then they had about 40 minutes to do whatever they wanted...
 We both had a great time.  Paige's favorite thing was the trampoline walkway that ended with the foam blocks.  What you cant see is if you keep going to the other end, there is like a 4 foot slide to get back to the floor.  Paige was in heaven!  I hope to be able to take Paige a couple times a month so she can get more and more comfortable with everyone there!

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  1. Hi from the mom link-up! Cute post! My daughter is 20 months and I just enrolled her in a gymnastics class! What a great way for them to burn off energy! :)

  2. I love the idea of gymnastics class, i wonder if they have this in my area?! Do they allow boys?? I totally agree with you about the winning/losing thing and learning how to deal with it in sports! Thanks for linking up!