Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday

My five on Friday will be some things I am looking forward to in the upcoming days.
1. The weather here has been so nasty this week...cold and rainy!  I am so over  the cold and wet weather.  Guess what tomorrow's forecast is.....warm and sunny!! 70 degrees! I can not wait!
2. Heather and I have an overdue play date with the girls tomorrow.  We haven't had Paige and Audrey together in months! I can not wait to see them together.  They are finally at the age where they can really interact with each other.  I just hope they get along well, their little personalities are so different.  But come to think of it, Heather and I couldn't be more opposite so they should be great friends, right?
3. Our friends from Sarasota are coming for the week to their farm on Monday and they are thinking of moving to Greenwood full time!  Wes will be so excited if they do!  Looking forward to showing them around some next week...hope Greenwood is ready for them!
4. I have never had a green thumb...AT ALL! But with our new house, we are determined to try.  Well, I know Wes will be fine with his projects.  His is planting a sunflower field outside our bedroom and then also a garden with all sorts of fresh veggies! I just want pretty flowers and plants...I am worried about my projects and keeping them alive!  I will keep the blog updated with our adventures..
5. I am so excited about Easter this year, even though it is far away still.  I cant wait to share this day with my little family!  I bought Paige a cute new Easter basket that she will be able to use year after year.  I am also excited to do some cute and fun crafts...all of these holidays are so fun with little Miss P!

6. Ok, I have on more!  Paige is going to start going to gymnastics some! I am beyond excited.  A place offers the studio to 0-3 year olds to come in and learn a few things for $5 each Monday.  I can not wait to see Paige in action!

Hope everyone has wonderful Friday and weekend!

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