Monday, March 10, 2014

Play Date Fun

This past Saturday, Heather and Audrey came to our house for our monthly play date.  We haven't had our monthly play dates in FOREVER but hopefully we will get back on track now!

They got here a little after 9 am and Paige was still in her pjs!  We were in the middle of finishing cleaning up, cooking and getting ready.  So once Paige was dressed, the girls played inside for a little while.  Then we headed outside! 
It was such a pretty day...finally!  We played and played outside and Audrey LOVED it.  She was cute playing with all the toys and just running around everywhere like she was free!  Paige was unsure about everything since someone else was playing with her toys!

Here are a few pictures, of course...

Shortly after the bubbles, Audrey needed a nap and the rest of us ate lunch.  Then once Audrey was awake, we played outside a little while longer and headed to Sweet Tea's to window shop a little.  We had to hurry back for Paige's nap time!  Heather and Audrey stayed about an hour longer and we even had the pleasure of Wes's company.  He never makes an appearance at our play dates...he must have been bored!

We had a great and relaxing day and I cant wait for our April play date!

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