Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

Monday, Monday, is it already Monday, and a cold and rainy day at that!  Yuck!  Oh well, it will be Friday before we know it, right.  We had a pretty low-key weekend and it was so nice!

Friday after work, we went by Sonic and picked up supper for the ride and we headed to the Carey's Farm in Edgefield to visit them while they are in town from Sarasota.  We rode the 4-wheelers and just hung out around the cabin with all the kids.  The Carey's have four kids and they all love with Mr. Wes comes to visit! They just love him so much, it is really cute.  We stayed until around 9pm and Miss Paige was exhausted!  We knew that she would pass out once she got in the car seat, but no..she was awake the entire time but those eyes sure were heavy.

Saturday, I was hoping Paige would sleep in since she was about an hour and half late to bed, but she woke up at the same time.  I cooked us some pancakes and hung out with Wes for a little while.  After he went to work, Paige and I played around the house and decided to take a walk down to Mimi's house...

Mimi has a bubble machine and Paige is in heaven with all of those bubbles! It was a little chilly, so we stayed inside a while and played with Play dough, colored and the toys.  Then we decided to load up and go to Cook Out and shop for some plants for our front yard.

I love the ferns..they are so pretty!  Paige even talked Mimi into buying her her very own lady bug watering bucket!  She is such a big helper watering the ferns porch.  We went to Ollie's and I found those pretty blue ceramic planters for only $10...they are like $40 at Lowe's!  I cant wait for it to warm up a little more so I can buy flowers!  Not much longer!

After nap time, Wes came home and we ate supper and then just played outside the rest of the day/evening.  Wes trimmed some shrubbery and our house and at his mom's.  It is so nice just to be outside...cant wait for it to be warm everyday!

Sunday, Wes left early to go to Wal-Mart for bullets and brought us back a biscuit for breakfast.  Then he and Jonathan headed to Columbia to the indoor shooting range while me and Paige went grocery shopping and stayed out of the rain!  We just played inside and enjoyed our time together.  I cooked all of us a yummy new recipe, Lucky Charms mix and supper.
  Paige went with BB to visit Mema that evening so we all went in our backyard for target practice, which is always fun!  We had a great and relaxing weekend and as always I enjoyed every second with my sweet Paige!

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  1. Visiting from the linkup! Sounds like you've had a busy couple of days...Lucky Charms Mix sounds good!